Track Merging Video Tutorial with BTB and 3DSimed

R Soul

I've made a video tutorial for joining two tracks: (230MB)
(Link provided by Kennett Ylitalo, see here for full story)

To extract the files, you'll need to install 7zip, which is free. Extraction may take a while since the compression ratio is as high as the format allows.

In the videos, I go through my way of merging tracks, while explaining what I'm doing and why.

If you want to practice but you don't have 3dSimed, you can use the demo version, but bear in mind that the demo version can only export a small number of objects. That should be fine if you just want to practice merging tracks in a new project that doesn't have many things in it.


all i get is an advert for registering for a toolbar.i have 4 already i don't need another one.:)


R Soul, thanks!! I've learned something more :) Great ideas! I not going to use 3dSimed, but for BTB - wow, I would never find the idea of merging tracks!

Lee Knight

Gday R Soul,
Im getting confused with all these different methods of joining tracks & was hoping to take a look at your tutorial to see if I could find an explanation which fits my Noob brain better.
Unfortunately the link no longer works, would you happen to have another or mind uploading again for me please?
Thank you very much,

R Soul

btw get it while you can, because the website removes files that go for 15 days without access.

Lee Knight

Thanks R Soul....cleared up quite a bit of confusion for me with BTB, but Im still not sure if Im ready to take on 3DSimed....yet.....
Very good tut' too, I was able to Play & pause while working=EXCELENT!:D:thumbup:
Can you upload it somewhere more permanent, there are plenty of options around.. One option is that if it's okay with you,i can host the file in more permanent location with faster speeds and no restrictions.


Thx for the tutorial !

There's a lot ways merging tracks together, still idk which is the fastest & best looking/working for ingaming. In Racer, we had before the 0.8.33 version, no way of implementing multiple AI splines/tracks, no way of overlapping them, that would generate some 'unexpected' events in AI behavior. From now in Racer, we can script all kind of AI stuff, do custom pits, custom cities with intersections, etc... so no worries at all !

I tried building others tracks from terrain with a seamless texture (UV issues / UV editor request in BTB ?) & Sobjects stripes on top of that. The problem is the curvature of the track so forget about it...

Solution :

Project/create your GE route & tweak it in BTB & finally get rid of 1 terrain side + the track to keep just 1 terrain nicely curved track. Eventually, merge it to others tracks/terrain vertices with the same method. Apply your seamless texture (no BTB UV editor yet !!) or Sobjects a custom road on top of that with its correct 'oriented' UVs. Enjoy !

Now, if we have a new 'track merger' function in BTB which aligns the 2 different intersecting tracks at their edge borders & eventually, (that would rock !!!) have also a simple UV editor with the regular functions (normalize, rotate, projections methods...) that would ease tremendously our work. What about a UV spline editor much like Sobjects but only for UVs ?

Anyway good tutorial, I've already done what you did sometime ago, hopefully, we have an X exporter to do the final magical part & merging all forces from all apps into our final track ! The inverse would be even greater, aligning extracted real HM (heightmaps) data/terrains to CSV track data & do the whole in 1 row in BTB...
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