Track Guide: Budapest - Hungary

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    on board with Michael Schumacher and Martin Brundle

    Steve Stoop's Career Video:

    Front Wing Angle: 5
    Rear Wing Angle: 3

    Balance: F 48% - R 52%
    Pressure: Medium
    Brake Size: Standard

    Ballast Distribution: F 60% - R 40%
    Front Anti-roll Bar: 6
    Rear Anti-roll Bar: 10

    Front Ride Height: 1
    Rear Ride Height: 1
    Front Spring Stiffness: 8
    Rear Spring Stiffness: 9

    Gear 1: 133kph / xxx mph
    Gear 2: 164kph / xxx mph
    Gear 3: 193kph / xxx mph
    Gear 4: 224kph / xxx mph
    Gear 5: 256kph / xxx mph
    Gear 6: 289kph / xxx mph
    Gear 7: 325kph / xxx mph

    Throttle map: Fast
    Fuel: Fixed

    Camber front: -1.10
    Camber rear: -3.10
    Toe front: 0.09
    Toe rear: 0.35

    At Budapest's Hungaroring my time was 1:22.567

    Sector 1

    Turn 1: Stay left down the start/finish straight. Brake hard at the 150m coming down to 2nd for the turn. Begin turning right just before the 50m marker using about 1/2 of the steering to begin with and then full lock as you get towards the curb. Hold the steering on the way through staying off the gas until the car has touched the curb on the left of the exit and is pointing towards turn 2. With practice you will be able to accelerate earlier but be aware it is very easy to spin by getting on the throttle too early.

    Turn 2: Take the shortest route to 2 by moving to the right after 1. Watch the markers on your right and brake before the 50m marker (60m?) coming down to 3rd for the turn. As you enter and take your foot off the brake downshift to 2nd. Point the car slightly left under braking and turn in once you take your foot off the brake in 3rd gear (you will be close to the flag/sc sign on your right). Use full lock to get in close to the inside of the turn. Once you are there open up to about 1/2 and then 1/3 as you use a bit of throttle to get round. Once you can see the curb on the right of the exit apply more gas to accelerate towards it. You can floor it once you're in 3rd gear.

    Turn 3: Flat out right on the way to 4. It is a bit easier if you enter from the middle of the road

    Sector 2

    Turn 4: As you climb towards the blind turn 4 keep an eye out for some power lines and an eni advert on your right. Halfway between them brake and downshift to 5th. When you downshift to 5th turn in left with about 1/2 and then 3/4 of the steering as you try to use as much of the curb as possible. After touching the curb accelerate hard (but don't completely floor it) and open the steering to 1/3 and you should end up on the outside curb without much trouble. Shift to 6th just after the apex and floor it when you get close to the curb on the exit.

    Turn 5: Keep to the right after 4. At the pirelli/bridgestone sign on your right brake down to 3rd. As you do that begin turning right with about 1/2 the steering and then 3/4 when the curb on the inside right begins. Hold the steering until just after the first eni sign on your right. Then open the steering to about 1/2 and accelerate away. Keep opening the steering and you should be able to floor it without wheelspin. Shift to 4th at the 2nd eni sign on the right and then 5th as you get close to the curb on the left. Stay left as you go up the hill.

    Turn 6/7: Keep an eye on the DHL sign on the fence on your left. When it ends brake hard (down to 2nd from 5th) in a straight line and turn in about 1/4 right when you pass the white shack. After the thinkpad sign starts on your left turn in 2/3s so your front right goes across the curb but not the big bump on the inside. Just before the curb lock the steering right. Hold it on the exit briefly and then hang a sharp left to get around turn 7. Use only half of the steering left to avoid another big bump on the inside of this curb. Begin accelerating cautiously after 7's curb. You can floor it once in 3rd. Stay right after the exit.

    Turn 8/9: Just after the thinkpad sign starts on your right there is a powerline overhead. That's your mark to come off the gas and turn sharply left (full lock). Hold on to that full lock as you go through and stay off the gas and you should stay on the road as you drift right. There is no time to get to the left for 9 so just try to both wheels on the road and give it a shot of gas to get there. Just before the curb on the right starts downshift 3rd and turn in sharply right using full lock (you should be able to get the front right over/on the curb). As you go round stay off the gas and hold the full lock until you come close to the curb on the left of the exit. It is better to be a little late on the gas here because it is super easy to go wide and end up in the gravel.

    Turn 10: Flat out left. Get to the right after 9 and begin turning left at the thinkpad sign on your right. You will only need about 1/2 the steering to go through and stay left on the exit but use more if you need to. It is important to stay left for turn 11.

    Turn 11: It is a little tough to see but there is a white curb on your left before 11. When it starts come off the gas and downshift to 5th. Turn in at the same time with about 3/4 of a turn right and then full lock as you touch the curb. Floor it once you touch the curb and you should be able to shift back to 6th pretty quickly. Use about 1/2 a turn right on the exit to meet the curb on the left.

    Sector 3

    Turn 12: Stay left after 11 and brake hard at the 100m marker (resist the urge to shift to 7th before entering: there is no point). Brake in a straight line down to 2nd and begin turning in just before the 50m marker with about 1/3 of the steering. Once in 2nd then you can go to almost full lock to contact the curb on the inside. After you do that open the steering slightly (3/4) and accelerate gently to touch the curb on the left of the exit.

    Turn 13: Get to the right after 12 and brake as you go under the overhead DHL sign down to 2nd gear. Stay in a straight line until about 10m before the curb on your right ends, then turn in left with about 2/3 of the steering and then 3/4 as you come close to the curb (stay off of it!). Use a tiny bit of gas to get around the turn as you hold the 3/4 turn left. Open up the steering just after the inside curb ends (1/2 a turn) accelerate gently into 3rd and then 4th as you touch the outside curb. Don't floor it until after you are in 4th.

    Turn 14: Come to the left as soon as you can after 13. When you pass under the overhead F12010 sign come off the gas, downshift to 3rd and fling the steering to the right (almost full lock). Wait until you pass the pit lane entry before you start to feather the gas (and I mean feather it). As you do so open the steering to about 2/3 right to stay on the inside of the curve. Once you are close to the orange tyre barrier on your left begin accelerating and opening the steering.You should be able to floor it once you're in 4th gear. If you goof up this corner you will most likely screw your current lap and the next one so it is crucial to play it safe going into the corner and accelerate out of it.
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    Gears and no corner 4

    Like this Idea. I was going to the formula1 website and looking at the onboard laps.
    Also I look at the track info,to get the gears.
    Also turn 4's gone! so refer to this map for these gears

    1. 2/93kph
    2. 2/108kph
    3. 5/224kph
    4. 5/209kph
    5. 3/148kph
    6. 2/105kph
    7. 3/139kph
    8. 4/171kph
    9. 3/151kph
    10. 5/243kph
    11. 6/249kph
    12. 2/113kph
    13. 2/100kph
    14. 3/132kph
  3. glight


    Bumping with the writeup and improved setup (less downforce and ride height, ballast is 60/40 instead of 80/20).
  4. thejibblies


    Cheers for the work glight, I love the fact that both the setups and the guides are in the same place. I mainly use it for braking points because it's my first season without the line. I've found your braking points are a really good benchmark for the career mode, they work well with all cars. Hope u can update the setups and tweek the guides for 2011, that would be awesome. Anyway thanks for the hard work again.
  5. Dmitry Zaharov

    Dmitry Zaharov

    Please note that Schumacher onboard is from pre-2003 layout and have nothing to do with in-game track.
    Here is the onboard with correct layout:
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