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Hello! Top Speed is a series created by me presenting the automaker's fastest cars in the form of a very different and fun gameplay.

The Motorist version created English subtitles only in the last episode. I'm going to post the first episode and the last one, so. I hope you like it. I'll soon be capturing the rest of the episodes.

If the people like it, I'll speed up the process of the subtitles of all episodes :)
What do you think?

For the people who are following and enjoying my videos, I need a favor, I need your help.

The continuation of my channel and this series depends a lot on how many people watch each video. For more people to watch, it is necessary for Youtube to recommend the videos to others.

So Youtube will only leverage my videos, if people click on like and, most importantly, comment on the video.

So, I really need that, if possible, you make a comment on the video, however simple it may be.

Can I count on your help? :)