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Took a risk and lost

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by My993C2, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. My993C2


    I did my 100% length Round #4 career race in China against Legends AI opponents. The race started with light rain but it did not last long (5-7 laps). For most of the race, it was dry and I was running in 3rd place in a Toro Rosso on prime tires (I started on intermediates). Part way through the race, the leaders (first Vettel, them Hamilton) spun off the track giving me the lead. With about 15 laps remaining in the race my engineer kept calling me in to change my tires and at times the "yellow" tire warnings on the HUD would light up. But I tried to be a smoother driver as my 10-12 second lead over 2nd place Hamilton was not enough to pit and still be in the lead. So I risked not getting a flat and my smooth driving seemed to be working. With about 8 laps left in the race it started to rain. It was a light rain and with 3 laps to go, I was still lapping pretty fast. Victory looked like it would be mine (it would have been my first win in this game). But on the 2nd to last lap the track became undriveable in the wet with worn primes and I noticed many of my AI opponents were pitting (too late for me to pit on this lap). Not only was I understeering big time on the corners, but I was suffering horrible wheel spin trying to build some speed. I did pit on the last lap, but the damage was done. I went from 1st place to 20th place. I took a risk that I could finish the race on old worn prime tires in the wet and I lost. Oh the agony of defeat ... :mad:
  2. Fahad Gaffoor

    Fahad Gaffoor

    oh i can feel your pain...
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