Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Racing Released

A brand new dirt racing game has been released by NASCAR legend and sprint cup driver Tony Stewart.

Available from February 14th on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the new Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Racing has been developed by former NASCAR Heat developers Monster Games, and comes complete with three different classes of racing, and 24 unique real world Sprint Car locations throughout America.

“I’m really excited to partner with Monster Games on this opportunity. The team has done a great job of capturing the sport, and putting it in the hands of any fan who wants to pick up the game and have a lot of fun playing it,” said Tony Stewart, Owner of the All Star Circuit of Champions and NASCAR legend.​

“With the quick-hitting action of sprint car racing, the qualifying, the heat races, and all events leading to the A-main, it’s really the perfect experience for a video game and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Key Features:
  • 25 player online multiplayer
  • Large scale career mode
  • 2-player split screen
  • 24 dirt tracks
  • Driver and car customisation
  • Official licences

Original Source: Tony Stewart Game

Tony Stewart Sprint Car Racing is available now on Xbox One and PS4. PC will release on February 21st.

Keep an eye out here at RaceDepartment for the latest news regarding the new game. Sub forum coming your way soon!

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Oct 2, 2019
If the physics hold up then this could be an entertaining title - a fun distraction from the usual fare.

That said I'm going to wait for the feedback from the console guys - well I have to as I'll get this on steam.

I do hope, however, that it doesn't include running over angrily gesticulating drivers.

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Jun 5, 2009
Seems like non-US PS4 users are having delays getting hold of the game. They've announced it's on plan, but don't have exact dates as to exactly when the delay will be over...


Mar 17, 2013
feel it kinda strange giving out a game with that name on after his controversys in the sport. i really don't know the sport or the guy but the accident even reached norway.


Oct 23, 2018
It wouldn't be a proper Tony Sim if a driver couldn't get out of his car, with THC in his system and run at a sprinter on a hot track and get mowed over.
But that wasn't Stewarts fault...


Jan 21, 2020
Does anyone remember ratbag games and their Sprint cars games? They were pretty good for the day.
Yes indeed, the Ratbag games (both the Sprint Cars and Late Models) were fantastic good fun at the time (1999-2000) and I've wished for a modern day equivalent for many years. Fingers crossed that this is it.
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Ruy Horta

Feb 17, 2014
If it is based on the same Unity engine and platform of the Heat series I would not get my hopes up, at least not on PC - both GUI and settings will be oriented towards consoles.

Monster is going back to its roots and that's good for them, the footage looks like a more refined / expanded version of the current dirt component in Heat. Car models look a bit more detailed, maybe the handling is also more refined. The dirt racing can be fun - not current iRacing level, not by a long shot, but fun nonetheless. I had more fun time with the dirt racing in Heat 3 than the other classes.

Benefit of the doubt. Monster does have strong roots here, but their current engine, or how they have used it...dunno. Reminds me of George W. and fooling me more than once.


Jun 14, 2018
Unless it has minimum Track IR , It will be a non event for me, but it does look a promising release.

Marc Collins

Aug 25, 2011
It wouldn't be a proper Tony Sim if a driver couldn't get out of his car, with THC in his system and run at a sprinter on a hot track and get mowed over.
But that wasn't Stewarts fault...
We all saw the video. Don't bother trying to use celebrity-level legal chicanery to excuse the inexcusable. Guilty in every way except via the formality of the justice system. Remind you of anyone else recently?