Timetrial, do you need to sit out entire session?

Bram Hengeveld

When doing a timetrial session with for example 8 timed laps inside a 30 minute session. Do you really need to sit out the entire 30 minutes or can you quit the session after reaching your objective?

Dario Jagar

you can quit (go out) and then withdraw, after withdraw change in SR and ttRating is applied,
however if any1 else joined same session with you SR and ttRating is changed after 30 min, when session ends

btw if you are working on your SR you should know that fastest way for it is to race because for race it is factor 1, for qualy 0,5 and TT factor 0,3, meaning that in TT you have to do 3x more laps for same SR achievement

Dario Jagar

np, btw I guess you are familiar with fast track promotions, meaning that when your SR is above 4.0 you automatically go in next class, no need to wait promotion
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