Thrustmaster T500rs with F1 Add-on problem


I know what you mean i have the same problem realy Light feeling wheel and i also dont know how to fix it and big problems in Monaco with that really slow short turn
My problem is braking
I get all or nothing. I press the brake gently and lock up and its a nightmare I tap brakes and get nothing. Done settings in thrustmaster and in the game still no luck, Also feels like my brakes are on I set off and am been lapped by everyone the car seems to be slow. I wheelspin like hell and even on straights when at full power the car is dragging no matter what I do
Hi guys,
I had the same problem with my T500RS with F1 rim no having much/any FFB. I fixed it by going into the FFB settings ingame and bumping them all to 100%. THEN I got FFB. I recommend doing that and then droping the Environment and Wheel Weight settings back to suit your preferred feel.
As for the braking issue, I still have that. If I choose the T500 preset profile in the game settings the yeah it locks up too easy. If I create a custom profile then I get a 50% deadzone where I get no power on the throttle until about half way down on the pedal. I DID find just last night that if you're using the default T500 profile ingame but change the Brake Saturation to 100% (instead of 0) I stopped locking up so easily. I didn't get a chance to try anything lower at the time but that could be something to look at. Im using the brake mod too by the way.

Hope this helped yous somewhat.
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