Thrustmaster t500RS settings for "realistic" or at least believeable FFB

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by kai sch., Apr 27, 2016.

  1. kai sch.

    kai sch.

    Finally reinstalled my copy rbr after years it spend in a box put away in the Garage.
    The time I bought it, it was simply to much for me, and I really sucked at it.
    With time I learned a bit driving (a lot games come and go....and left me right now with Dirt Rally and AC which I love very much).
    And on the forum there is always the comparisson (e.g. Dirt Rally) with a true sim (aka RbR) and so.......
    So i remembered my still allmost unused copy RBR and installed it on my PC.
    All is well, just have to learn to set up my 3 Monitors, load some mods to enhance perhaps the tracks and cars I can chose from.

    But now my concern: I have a Thrustmaster T500RS, getting it to work was no big Problem, but now I ask myself how to setup FFB for that particular wheel, for a "realistic" FFB.
    As I have learned some false settings will destroy the realism for sure, and even a nice wheel like the T500 will feel like a toy (learned it the hard way with AC, Dirt Rally and Pcars)

    Can you help me out?
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