Thrustmaster Rally GT Force Pro Feedback Clutch and wondering..

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  1. Reefer


    How you all can drive that fast :confused:

    1 st of all i'd like to say i love these forums. They are really helpfull to me and make me like the game alot more.

    So, the enthousiast that i am i thought i'd buy myself a nice racing wheel to add to my pc gaming collection.( even though it is 2nd hand) I gave myself this 1:
    Thrustmaster Rally GT Force Pro Feedback Clutch

    The settings i use for them are from another part in this forum

    And i must admit to all of you setting amazing lap times,. i am really a nooooob... ;-)
    Not even while auto gear and traction ctrl on full i can reach your times. So i am really scared about switching off all help functions.

    At the moment i started in career mode with the lotus. The fastest lap i make in Bahrein is 2.02.45 that put me in 13th position. And as said before , i am using traction control and auto gear shifting And way pointing in corners. Rules i did on Real.

    Maybe some1 else got the same steering wheel and got some amazing options to set my wheel right , or maybe 1 of you have some tips for me to learn driving :tongue: For now ofc. i wil do my best again and again to try with alot of patience to become a better driver...

    (So scared to use gears... )
  2. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Without spending to much on your specifiek wheel setting all i can tell you is...
    Take your time to get to know the wheel. When i bought my firts one many many years ago i though i should be fast now!! Tbh in my case it took some time to get used to a wheel, crappy as my first wheel was... after a few weeks i got used to it and smashing my previous PB's.

    There is no magic setting that makes you seconds faster imo*

    Give it some time and dont give up a wheel rules any other controller imo.

    *if wrong please eleborate me
  3. Reefer


    Yeah i am def gonna practice alot with the wheel. Also wanne play Dirt 2 with the wheel., so that will be fun aswell.