This game is tough...

Danny Asbury

Wow, after years of simracing, I finally stepped on the circuit for some real simracing. lol if that makes sense (I was a console guy, in case you're wondering.) I thought Race Pro got me ready for a sime like Race On... boy was I wrong. This game is very hard, to say the least. My day has consisted of spinning my BMW and crashing into other cars (CPU drivers, thankfully). This stuff is on a whole other level than anything around on the console, and I honestly wasn't ready for it. You can feel the weight of the car, which has been a big thing for me to adjust to. Not to mention the bumbyness of the tracks, which has meant a lot of wobbles for me.

It's all very fun, but I'm just so awful right now. I really thought with my console racing experience I would at least be able to lap the cars... good grief. You guys make it look so easy in all your race replays and videos.

On a side note, I use to wonder if Xbox's fastest driver (a guy by the tag of Daveyskills) could go up against the legendary Greggu Huttu. And although I've raced a few times with Davey only to get my butt kicked, I think my question was answered today. PC simracing is just a whole lot harder.

I'll be back tomorrow, maybe in a week or so I can get enough consistancy to race in a RD event... who knows. :tongue:
I have raced with Daveyskills (indeed been part of the same team) and er, no. He is not a patch on Gregor Huttu. Deano is better than Daveyskills and even Deano would suffer.

The level of ability in PC racing is FAR greater than that on console, having raced with some of the best in both worlds (THE best on Xbox). On Xbox I was one of the top drivers - on PC I'm a nobody :p

On the subject of your difficulties - it's best to get used to the FWD TCC cars first (much easier if you're struggling a little) - the Bimmer is reknowned for being difficult to drive and also not particularly quick.

Danny Asbury

Top five?!?!?!? Good grief, I may have been top 5000 if I were lucky. lol I've got no chance.

But, hmmm, Ryan, did you ever race at IFCA? They are a top forza league site. I know they've lost a few super quick drivers to PC land, I'm wondering if you're one of them. O_o?
Top five?!?!?!? Good grief, I may have been top 5000 if I were lucky. lol I've got no chance.

But, hmmm, Ryan, did you ever race at IFCA? They are a top forza league site. I know they've lost a few super quick drivers to PC land, I'm wondering if you're one of them. O_o?
My time was Forza 1 and early Forza 2 ;) - was on TV when XGamerTV was still alive. Won too hehe.

I defected to the dark side many moons ago :) - although I do miss Forza in some ways.

I too found PC racing a major jolt to the system btw ;)
Danny, I think we must be kindred spirits. After racing on the 360 for some time, I recently upgraded my computer and picked up a copy of GTR Evo. Just today I finally got a good wheel (ordered it online and had a tough 9-day wait including the long weekend). Anyway I don't find the experience to be so far beyond Race Pro. The main difference I notice is just the feel of the force feedback effects. Were you using a wheel on the 360 or a controller?

Danny Asbury

lol it would seem a lot of guys are making the switch with the console's failing to provide better sims. Andrew, I used a wheel on RACE Pro, I've never been able to play racing games with the controller. I got a G27 now, and the thing completely throws me around compared to the old MS. I do think there is a huge difference between RACE Pro and Race ON. Just drive Zandvoort. You can take Tarzan a whole lot smoother on RACE Pro. But my car was thrown around like a rag doll on Race ON, that corner has a nasty, nasty snag getting out of there. A lot of stuff like that in Race ON I've noticed. You've also gotta be real easy on those rumble strips, they will swing the car around like nobodies business.

I'm excited to get better though. It is nice to see other people making the switch and going through the adjustment. In my opinion, these games always get more fun the faster you go. Pushing it to the limit is always a thrill. lol at least trying to is. :)

Dennis Phelan

Don't wait until you're fully prepared to enter the RD arena.
Certainly, you're a racing driver already, show up as soon as you can!
I'd bet you will find a pace very quickly.

Craig Hume

The easiest way to start is to look more towards the slower end of the field of cars. These cars are "usually" easier to drive. So take baby steps, instead of trying to reach the moon from step one already. A tool i use is the time attack, this lets me see lines etc and see what works best for me and the car (although i never have the same line twice, even if i try) :redface:
I have been sim racing for a while now and the BMW still makes me look extra noob.
Another tip: Whatever car you take out, give the tyres time to warm up, before you decide to swap.
Alot of cars will handle a bit tough while the tyres are cold, and changed to being perfect once the tyres are up to scratch.
Danny I also share your pain and the swap from console to PC racing. Way back then I held a few top 10 times in FZ2 and did quite well in RacePRO while it was still going.

The most difficult part for me was to shift from controller to wheel when I decided to play on PC. Yeah the controller is a bit difficult to master around long bends but once you get used to it driving is a breeze.

The BM was my weapon of choice in WTCC events but on PC like you said another cattle of fish although there are quite a few people on here who are well able with that RWD.

I wish you the best in your quest to master all of them all :)

Danny Asbury

Thanks for the tips everyone!

Before heading off to work today I went on and ran some laps using the ATCC Honda (since you guys said the BMW is hard for most drivers.) You guys were right. I'm much better with a FWD car. Willie, if I get comfortable enough at Ortlin Park (forgive spellling) I will join your race. It would seem you don't have the numbers you would have liked for the race, but it's perfect for me. 8 guys is what I consider a full grid lol. :)

Ross Balfour

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Haha Danny, you made the same mistake I did when I bought Race (O7 it was back then) I jumped straight from winning championship upon championship in PS2 so coming into PC gaming thinking I was the real deal. I jumped straight into a BMW E90 (with a gamepad) and was in for a shock. Spin upon spin upon spin. I eventually had to take the shame and whip on tractions control as I started with all aids off. I then took it from there, slowly gaining pace and slowly going from High traction control, to medium, to low and then off altogether. Of course I really felt awful when I realised that the Seats and Mini's were soo simple to drive compared to the BMW, it took me 3 weeks to realise that! I then got a steering wheel and had to get used to having to shift yourself online (that took a while to master) It then really went from there. I improved steadily and I'm now happily in the average section of the grid. Sometimes I'm higher, sometimes lower. Practise makes perfect, especially in a game like this.
Danny you should hold out an eye for the friday mini event car is easy to handel blokes who race in this event are allways helpfull with setups
but its mostly a long 80 min race anyway the best car to learn :)

Danny Asbury

Mini Coopers... I've always hated the Mini. My thinking is, if I want to fall asleep, I find a bed, not a Mini Cooper. I know they are probably fun to drive on the PC, but with my feelings toward them being so negative over the years, I just can't bring myself to do it. lol

Jarrod Keen

Danny, it's a mistake rulling these things out. I know, being a GT Pro fan, you can't get anywhere further from a corvette than a mini.... but with these little cars, the pure racing experience is awesome. Why you ask?

1. You all have the same car (which I'll admit, I don't always love)
2. Many of you have the same setup
3. These cars are easy to drive
4. Easy to drive means easy to race close
5. Tight competition, awesome gives and takes.... and it's not total destruction when you touch or go off the track....

You'll be suprised IF you do race and get into a bit of a close battle.... they're really fun.
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