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F1 2021 This game is a mess…

F1 2021 The Game (Codemasters)
Very disappointed that i wasted money on this game. On the surface it looks great, and maybe in single player it isn’t bad. But the minute you start multiplayer this game falls apart. Here are a few examples…

1. Two friends and i create and join a league. One of us can hear everyone but i cannot hear my buddy, and he cannot hear me.
2. We qualify for a race in social but the actual grid starting order flips a friend and my starting positions.
3. We start a qual session and i am unable to do anything. Just stuck in my car in the pits.
4. A buddy and i do a race and on the last lap i cross the finish line 3rd and he (right behind me) should be 5th but instead gets last 26 laps back.
5. Voice commands do not work if you enter time trial at any time while in the game.

Literally every single multiplayer session has been ruined by this BS. This game is a mess.