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Hey, All.

I've been into racing games on and off for about 10 years starting with Nascar 3 and 4, GPL, rFactor and one or two others.

I recently got Race Pro for my 360 and it made me miss the driving games on the PC.

Unfortunately, rFactor is on an old dead PC and so is my authorization code. I sent an email to customer support asking if they would have a record of my purchase somehow of if they could resend the email I got when I bought it 3 years ago.... no reply.

So I am thinking of buying GTR-Evolution.

It looks like a cool game, but I have some concerns with it. Having read some reviews at Amazon (not the best source I know) I noticed it had Steam as well as some other copyright software it puts on your machine.

I just want to play the game casually offline and more than likely never venture online so I am not sure why I should need Steam. Then again, who knows, I may venture online and look for newb rooms with other casual racers....I dunno.

More or less I am concerned this game will add stuff to my PC that I don't want on it.

How have the download experiences been for you all? Have other games had problems after downloading this? Will Steam always run or just when I am using this game?

For the most part my PC is just for playing MMOs (Age of Conan) I don't want to screw up my rig just to play a racing game a few hours tops per week,

Sorry for the long post, just concerned with all the extra software I need just to turn a few laps in a car.

Mike Coleman

Sep 4, 2008
It just checks to see if the original DVD is in the drive. The "security" is contained on the .exe, but I don't believe anything is installed on your computer.

I have both versions and I have no issues.

Matthew Parr

May 22, 2008
To be honest Steam wont harm your computer, it just takes space! Plus Steam can play up but i havent had any problems with it!
Sep 4, 2008
The offline version uses Securom. The online version uses Steam.
Personally I just use the Steam version. I have other games that use Securom, never had it cause any trouble. Only becomes a problem if you have software used for piracy (Deamon Tools or similar) or a very old DVD drive (some very old drives don't work with Securom unfortunately).

Bert Van Waes

To be honest Steam wont harm your computer, it just takes space! Plus Steam can play up but i havent had any problems with it!
Me neither, Steam is great, never stops downloading the games you bought unless yr connection itself fails, and when that happens you just wait till it's back up, or till you fixed it (whatever happened) and then run steam again and continue.
Steam is also on all the time here on my pc (you can choose that yrself btw), it's just a little icon on the bottom right and ther you can enlarge it and use its functions. It's actually quite handy. And for going online, because this is steam (already running since the first CS) you can be sure the servers are forever up there... And running on a steady base.

My steam folder now is 21Gb large. I still have Counterstrike source on it, Empire total war and Race 07, GTR evo, STCC.
It runs perfectly. Even though GTRevo starts very slowly this is not about steam, because my folder of E:Total war is maybe even larger, and that starts in 5 secs, so.

GTR evo itself is a great game, you won't regret seeing you already are a serious simmer for some time now. Go for it, and you'll drive with a smile again, like those old days!



Demo locked my PC up... vid card must not like it for some reason. For what I was able to play I couldn't get my MOMO to work right either (older red momo).

I might try it again later.

Vid card is a 9600GT with latest drivers.

Péter Bártfai

Sep 18, 2008
I have 9600GT also and it works fine for me. I have minor lockups sometimes since the latest patch, but they're only few seconds long, and only once/game start, never experienced more, even after playing a few hours with it.
The wheel should be OK too, I think it even has a preset in the game. I use a cheaper one, the Formula Force EX, and it gives it's best in this game.

I think the game is fine and worth the money absolutely! Just give it some tries and if you like it, buy it, you won't regret it.

But to be honest if I were you I would look for the newcomers too. Some really promising games are coming, it's maybe worth waiting!:) (in case you don't want to buy all of them lol)