RIDE 4 Thinking about buying Ride 4?

Should you? No.
On release there were issues with the game, usual story in seems. Every game that's released has problems, sadly.
To sum up I'll put the issues in 3 classes: 1. Core game problems. 2. Casual playing. 3. Dedicated playing.
1. Core game problems were surprisingly few, on the surface, you had to really look to find the problems. The overriding problem was that the AI can't race the fastest bikes without crashing. Possibly tied in with an ineffective suspension adjustment system. Top bikes were terrible over bumps, think Imola. There's nothing you can do to improve the bikes reactions to bumps. Suzuka was the same, bikes falling over on corners.
2. Casual players who didn't put time in, didn't practice, couldn't win immediately. It's too hard! The AI is too fast! The bikes are too hard to ride! There was a deluge of complaints. I checked out loads of them and typically game time was less than 2 hours. They couldn't bypass races and licenses, there was no instantly win option.
3. Dedicated players realised the AI is crap. They're suitably clever. They just can't brake heavily in to corners. A hairpin will net you a 1.5 second advantage easily. Their bikes had top speed capped on straights. So even on 120% you can obliterate the AI.
But if you stuck to hot lapping the game was awesome. I was prepared to wait for milestone to sort out the bugs.

And then the **** hit the fan.

Time trials became laughable.
Go near the AI and they close the throttle. Honestly. They basically stop racing.
Then there's the physics. The one brilliant aspect of the game. They put out the infamous update that destroyed any fun that remained. Insane levels of grip. Even on grass. You really have to try hard to fall off the bike. Riding on the edge? That looks like a weird seesawing action as you go around a corner. I know they were tryingto fix the broken tyre wear and temperature, to stop the complaints.

So there's the problem. To stop the complaints from casual players they destroyed any fun for dedicated players. The casual players just won't use assisted physics mode, they only wear big boy pants! So pro physics were dumbed down to accommodate them, we got a silly game.
I asked milestone to make the unused assisted mode use pro physics, I don't care what it's called!

But every one, dedicated or casual agreed on one thing: fix the top speed bug! Yup, the bikes can t go at top speed. They reach a nominal speed and then stop accelerating. But it's a house of cards! Milestone can't increase the top speed because the AI can't deal with THIS speed and Mickey mouse physics, they're still crashing!

I tried a 5 lap sprint race at Suzuka, I gave the AI 30 seconds head start. I was 1st before the end of lap one.

So no, don't buy Ride 4.
I know I've not included everything, this would be endless! I've put over 1,100 hours into Ride so I'm invested, and so very, very disappointed.