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The VW-ID competition


Too much Goebbels
After realising how many drivers actually do participate in the VW-ID Leaderboard competition I think Sector3 Studios has created a pretty good advertising stunt.
A stunt that has a possibility to get new users into the Raceroom camp.:thumbsup:
Because the combination of a free to play game + the extremely easy driving of the "car" + the free particicipation in one of Racerooms leaderboards - is probably a winner.:)

UMC 22

Perhaps, but aren't most of the free competitions open to everybody? I thought you could take part in most of them without needing to own the car or track being used. I did in the old touring cars before they hit the store, and I still don't own either of them now. Unless that and this competition are exceptions maybe?


Too much Goebbels
It's easy to "drive" but hard to be competitive with :)
If you read my post you will see that the "easy driving" thing was comprehended in the context of attracting possible new drivers.
And if you want to attract this then a positive thing is that its easy to get up to a reasonable position on the LB among the thousands of participants - because the VW thing is very friendly.;)


Too much Goebbels
Why am I so unlucky?
I was just able to drive my best lap in this electric thing on Nordschleife.
And for the first time I was into the 1000 "fastest".
But then came an error message like Upload Missed or something:sleep::sleep::sleep:
The screenshot did show I was # 982 and my laptime was 6.16.673.
But because something inside Raceroom was against me my LB position became not updated.
What a bummer:confused:

EDIT: Maybe its not the end of the world - but it is close :x3:

2019-04-28 616673 LB VW Nordschleife missed upload-50.jpg
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Too much Goebbels
OK without any special help from Sector3 Studio I (somewhat) was able to re-establish my mental constitution.:sleep:
Because eventhough I thought that the stolen(!) LB laptime would be my forever personal best it was actually possible for me to drive a lap even at a tiny bit lower laptime.:thumbsup:
So now Sector3 Studio are forgiven for the stealing laptime issue (somewhat).:whistling:

NOTE: It looks like the world goes on - somewhat:)

2019-04-29 615458 LB VW Nordschleife-50.jpg


Too much Goebbels
Conserning the first then participating with the VW is completely free. No need to buy.
Just start Raceroom and click on the VW picture when the pic is presented.

2. What I do to add vrp to my account is to select Store from inside Raceroom game and then select the car or track I want to buy and then go to Check Out(payment).
You are then asked method - I chose Paypal and then via the Store menu Im connected to Paypal.
The most economical thing you can do is to buy a "packet" of vrp (as example 2000 vrp) and then pay with some of them.
Because tanking up vrp before the buy give you some rebate.:thumbsup:


Too much Goebbels
Yeah its great fun:thumbsup:
As I have mentioned before I think Sector3 Studio really have created some kind of good advertising stunt with this free VW-ID competition.
Dependent of where you are positioned on the Leaderboard you get pushed down to a lower position all the time - if you are not able to make a new PB about every hour.
So there must be a lot of activity with people participating more or less 24/7.;)


Too much Goebbels
I have personally discovered that this thing is very addictive.:thumbsup:
Mainly because the car even on the edge of adhesion is pretty easy to control.
Talking about alien braking and corner exiting :sneaky:

But for the first time after Raceroom introduced this thing I tried to go back to my latest buy the Joest Porsche on Road Atlanta.
Before the VW I had a reasonable position with the Porsche on the LB - but now I cant even get close into a full second from my PB.
Ie Im suddenly 1-1.5 sec slower - mainly because the Porsche behaviour now irritates me compared to the VW thing.
So be warned.:thumbsdown:


Too much Goebbels
Eventhough Im a helpfull man then we are competitors - right?:roflmao::roflmao:
But at least I can say that eventhough it sounds crazy with a car with so much downforce and grip then I became a lot faster when I raised the rear wing.
And then you have to practice and practice until you really know the long track - at least if you want to climb up on the LB.:sneaky:

NOTE: The raising wing thing is compared to the default setup.