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Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
RaceDepartment are delighted to announce one of the most iconic voices in motorsport will be joining us for the SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship - as Eurosport regular Martin Haven joins Paul Jeffrey in the commentary booth for the new, five round series.

Martin Haven has been at the forefront of international motorsport commentary for nearly forty years, having first cut his teeth announcing for the competitive British Superbike Championship and RAC Rally in the late 1980's. Moving on to such varied car racing championships as the American Le Mans Series, British F4 and GT, as well as being the lead commentator for the past decade in the World Touring Car Championship and WTCR, Martin Haven is undeniably an authoritative voice in the world of motorsport - and he is now set to join us in the virtual world, performing lead commentary duties for the upcoming SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship.

With 40 of the best AM Assetto Corsa Competizione sim drivers taking part in a high stakes online racing series across five iconic (virtual) racing venues, 2020 sees the debut of the AM Championship within the growing esport movement - and once again RaceDepartment will be right in the heart of things as we continue to blur the line between real and virtual motorsport.

SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship | Catch All The Action HERE

RaceDepartment will be broadcasting all five of the SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship rounds beginning this May 16th at Silverstone, with Martin Haven and Paul Jeffrey bringing you the action from such famous circuits as Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Nurburgring, Barcelona and a track to be decided by community vote.

SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship | Prizes To Be Won

Thanks to our awesome broadcast sponsors GT Omega Racing, Benq, PROSIMU, RSRSpa, Driver61, Abruzzi, Simmsa and Simracing.gp, we have a range of fantastic prizes to give away to both competitors and viewers throughout the course of the qualification process and five round racing season. Winning something cool couldn't be easier, all you have to do is set a time in the qualification session to enter our GT Omega Racing prize draw, or if you miss out that time, both drivers, and viewers are in with a chance of winning some cool prizes for each round of the racing series.

The opening round will be held on Saturday 16th May, with the exclusive live broadcast beginning at 19:00 UTC on the RaceDepartment Twitch channel.

Stay tuned to RaceDepartment.com for more exciting news about the broadcast team, partners and further prize giving opportunities in the coming days.

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Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Have to admit, for fear of sounding a little bit 'fanboy' - this is absolutely a career highlight for me. As I'm sure many of you know, I'm a massive fan of both touring car and endurance racing, and Martin Haven has pretty much been the voice of both types of racing for most of my motorsport following life.

To get to commentate beside him, in a great series like this, is pretty much the stuff dreams are made of.

Sometimes things in this business can feel like hard work, often with many, many hours where I should be with the family spent churning out pieces of content on the laptop. Announcements and projects like this make all that hard work well worth it in the end.

Unbelievably proud to be working with Martin, and the whole team behind this amazing project.

Roll on round 1 this weekend!

Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
To get to commentate beside him, in a great series like this, is pretty much the stuff dreams are made of.

Very happy for you Paul, you totally deserve it. Your engagement and hard work to support this community is outstanding and you have a natural talent as a race commentator. Looking forward to hear you and your new partner crush it at the next event.:thumbsup:
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Great news for RD and well deserved for you too Paul, your commentary work is already professional and polished.

Martin is synonymous with Le Mans for me, especially in the small hours when his knowledge and humour help keep my eyes open and on the race.

I look forward to some real classic moments in commentary!
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Absolutely awesome!
Always loved listening to Martin on the Eurosport coverage of Le Mans.

Many memories of waking up first thing in the morning here to tune in to Martin taking us into the early hours of the morning at Circuit de la Sarthe!

Will be watching this for sure!

Omer Said

Finally get to know the owner of the voice of my childhood and great Eurosport memories. I love his voice, very distinct and not exhausting unlike some of the sport commentators. Thanks for this amazing interview and recruitment, Racedepartment!
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I dont know if i heard this man before or not, maybe but i dont know.
But i habe to admit here - i just love listen to british-english Sports commentators.
The langauge is very nice to bring emotions to the spectators.
And the British accent makes it eben better.

I speak german and polish and there is no compersation to english.
German is just stif without emotions. Polish is better, you can swear very very good.