The Schumacher-Hill Incident Number 30008

There've been a fair few over the years between these two but the one in Monaco is far more clear cut and actually isn't really an incident as such at all. I've read the FiA rules and Damon Hill and the rest of the stewards who made that decision, lets not forget there are four of them were spot on. The error here lies with the marshalls and race control who displayed green flags which should not have been done and was very confusing. Its clearly something that needs to be made sure of in future but suggestions that Damon Hill made a biased judgement are ridiculous and Schumacher said himself:

I know Damon. He is a good guy.

So the fault lies slightly within the rules which need making clearer and slightly with the marshalls and race control who should not have displayed the green flags but not with the stewards. Marshalls did a great job for rest of weekend though.

Opinions welcome but no rants please.
I agree, from what I've read, race control gave the "all clear" sign which I would interpret as a normal safety car restart. I hope Schumi gets his points back and that these procedures are made more clear for the future races.

Edit: Mercedes have decided not to appeal the verdict.
It was a mistake from the race commission (showing green flags instead of the yellow) but in order to neglect that, Schumacher is given the penalty.
It's F1.

Kevin Ascher

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They simply should have given Alonso the 6th place back if that's the rules.
But making Schumi lose 5 positions, because they showed the wrong flags.. Poor, or in better words, FIA.
Ferrari International Assistance.
Failure In Allparts
or whatever you wanna call it.

Schuey is simply in the wrong team now. :D
I heard that Villeneuve will be the stewart in Montreal and Frentzen in Hockenheim. If that is true I think MSC should go on holidays for these races. :D

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Green flags = Race. Simple as that for me.

What I don't understand is why, if the pace car was in, should the marshals have been waving yellows after the 1st pace car line.
40.13 If the race ends whilst the safety car is deployed it will enter the pit lane at the end of the last lap and the cars will take the chequered flag as normal without overtaking.

Anyway Michael doesn't deserve any penalty IMO. Just put him 7th again.

Xosé Estrada

Yes, was enough with "invalidate" the overtaking, but also without the 40.13 rule the overtaking won't take place as Alonso was caught by surprise because Ferrari said to him overtaking was not legal.
some people need to understand the rules and why they were made.

why would the stewards break the rules? so that the Dennis Hirrles don't call them *******s? please.
Was quite surprised to see Schu penalised for it. They said SC was coming in and green flags were out and the overtake occured after the SC line. I was laughing hard when I saw Schu ahead of FA in the standing because I had just told my friend who I was watching the race with that I wouldn't be surprised if the old fox tried something on the SC-entry.
And some people need to learn to read text and also understand the irony in some parts. But ya, it is hard. :)
my response was in the same manner ;)

the point is that had there been no penalty, there would be many more reasons to object the result as there would be a clear break of the rule. which means that if they didn't proceed with this decision, they would be rightfully accused for favoritism.
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