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The Lola 280 by Pixsim. Are there more?

OMG. :geek: What an amazing free mod..

I am almost brand new to rf2 and thought that I had already downloaded all the best free mods... and I just found this Lola 280 today.

So, It makes me wonder that somehow I am missing out on some of the best mods because they aren’t being highlighted..

I feel like rf2 mods are just scattered and disorganized. The best mods like this one aren’t being shown. I literally had no idea.
There used to be some 280's painted as Ferrari 312PB's and Alfa Romeo T33/3 's a long time ago but I don't know where they are now.
There is also a Lola T290 somewhere that's not bad.....
Steam has almost 500 entries of cars and tracks and full mods. You should spend an afternoon browsing the workshop area of steam.
(gentle nudge T260 please)