The Kolbe spirit is still there

As east german duck Roy Kolbe realized he got too old for FSR he chose a better alternative than M. Schumacher: He just races against even slower ducks nowadays so he still wins.
Adding to the abundance, the 2010 duck, which would be myself, is in the offcial past-winners-now-slowducks-club as well.

To make it short, tonight 18:00GMT Roy Kolbe ducks against myself and the mentioned other ducks in Monza.
CLICK HERE to watch the ducksprints live and see Kolbeduck win his first title since the old serious days. :D:D
Congratulations, that will be sheer duckage!
As always yes, lol.
The first stint was free, but the stupid pitentry lost me 2 seconds by braking too early, then it was over.

The photo finish in the end was nice though.
typical 2nd driver ... yeah 1st stint free and stuff, then mess up something since you know the pits can't mess up themselves like in real life to let 1st driver win .. :D

grats to all of you and specially Mr.Kolbe :)
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