WIP TF-Ring (WIP) for rFactor

Hi all, this is my first track.

It's a 2.4-mile oval, very basic at the moment... Ai is crude but functional (standing starts, won't leave garage, won't find pitlane but WILL race... kinda chaotic though)
the objects all come from xPacks (and a few from rf's Jacksonville), will be replaced.
Lot's of stuff still needs to be done, the AIW will probably be the first thing I'm gonna redo...
The corners are very different from each other, the first corner is nasty and tight, banked at 20 degrees, the second one is much wider and faster, with a 40 degree banking, but it has a few bumps in it... for an oval this track turned out rather tricky ;)

(to exit the garages follow the arrows, the pitlane exit is at the back straight)

Like I said this is my first track, so I'd love some constructive feedback!

PS: see if you can find the two special spectators...
Hi Turean,

my list of things i think could or should be done :)
  • the finish-sector is not wide enough and does not cover the pits, so you lose a lap everytime you pit
  • sector 1 also not wide enough
  • the pit-in and pit-out just cover a fraction of what they should: the whole width of the pitlane
  • the corners are not even close to constant radius, or constant banking. look at the other thread. seriously, the highest banking is where the cornerradius is biggest, and vice versa, makes no sense to me.
  • the pitlane is 40m wide. wow. why?
  • terrain in the inside should be redone, it has gaps in it, is sometimes double or triple-layered. some of the tris are way to big. the problem is (at least in race07, dont know in rfactor) that cars sink into the ground if the tris are too big, especially in the middle of big tris. and the biggest is where the garages are.
  • garages are not collision target, despite looking massive ;)
  • texture error on the apron between 1 and 2, also on the outside some meters further, and on the outside some meters short of start/finish
  • the outside walls should be upright to the track, and should not be angled at the bottom. now, they are a perfect ramp to jump somewhere.
  • suddenly beginning walls in the inside of turn three.
  • just holes all over the inside walls. show that to the right of the special guests and he will be happy.

way to go ;)


PS: I forgot the trapped plane in the infield. how is it supposed to get away there?
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Wow, that's a long list! Thanks for taking the time to write all that down :)
The corner radius issue is probably the most serious one, you're right there of course and I think the best option would be to start from scratch...

About the sectors, I tried to make them wider in 3DSimEd but it didn't do anything... how do you make them cover more ground?

The terrain needs to be redone, yes. I asked how to fill it here, but there doesn't seem to be a better way? Filling it all neat with small tris' is going to take a while... I'll probably end up just making an infield section myself, seems BTB isn't very good at that.
(Anyways, in rF you can drive over the terrain just fine, I don't know about Race07)

The pitlane is as wide as it is because I didn't move the wall yet :p
Same goes for the outside walls, I didn't do move them upright yet... the holes in the inside walls were supposed to be acces holes for emergency vehicles (also the special guest isn't just there for show :D)

The garages are not set for collision because the AI would drive straight into them... as it is they now drive into the pit walls... but the AIW isn't even close to done either.

But the plane could take of I think, if it used the entire length of the infield, no?

Thanks again for all your suggestions!
Keep in mind this is a beta or rather an alpha really... I'm stil learning :)
Hi Turean,
Access holes have a shape like this:Link. You will never have the chance to collide with the start of a wall.

The sector can be moved and resized in BTB. When opening the AIW window, go to timing gates, use the 3 buttons below to change modes, and resize them in 3d view.

the length of a runway for that aircraft may be long enough inside the oval (i dont know, just guessing), but the banking+grandstands are to high to be safe. (and you would not want to fly over grandstands with like 5m above peoples heads, FUN!)

I know, the access holes aren't totally done yet, nothing is done, that's why I posted in the WIP section ;)

If you zoom out of your link, there's a runway to the right... which would fit into the infield.
And who says everything has to be explainable? I was just having a bit of fun...
Anyways, if you'd own a Lear jet, you wouldn't really care about peoples heads. Let's just say it's what the winnder of the race gets as a prize.

And I will try editing the sectors, thanks!
Sorry for being an asshole at this, but... a 1850m runway doesnt fit in an oval thats 1650m across. not to mention the obstacles like the banking etc. :)
and maybe you would not mind the peoples heads. but they would.

for me, there are only 2 good types of circuits:
- the ones, that want to be realistic, even if its a fantasytrack. things like planes inside a track only works if it has enough space for that (and the runway endings dont have obstacles :p ). Silverstone would be an example, which was an airfield before.
for the serious tracks, you can take a look at this thread for some tips.

- parodys, tracks that dont event remotely want to be serious. one example from me is this one.
All right... first, thanke for that last link, it looks interesting.
Second... I get it, I really do. But I didn't put the plane there because it was important to me, I was just placing objects to make it look a little less empty and the plane was there. that's all.
I will however do something about it... either design a device that can propell a jet into the air, like a cannon... or remove it. Not sure which yet, but in the finished version of the track you won't have to worry about the realism of the plane :)

(PS: a Lear jet needs 5.040 feet or 1.536m to take of... :p)