TEAM printWORKS Cars, lineup and sponsors announced for 2011

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  1. Andreas Umminger

    Andreas Umminger


    Germany, Stuttgart.
    New founded TEAM printWORKS was showing their cars and lineup for the first time to the press when taking their cars out on track for the media in Bahrain and Australia tracks. The team was founded late in the winter and had just enough time for all preperations and works on the car to get it ready for the first race next week.
    The team is sponsored by company printworks GmbH ( ), that also gives the companie's name to the team, as the main sponsor, located in Stuttgart, Germany. Also sponsored by Paradise Carpower ( ).
    The Engine is powerd by GT Omega Racing.

    Team Owner and Manager Andreas Umminger stated: "I am happy and proud to present this team and lineup to the public. Our focus is on having a solid start and get regularly into the top 10 in FSR World Trophy division with all 4 cars (TEAM printWORKS and TEAM printWORKS 2). I´d like to say thanks to the main sponsor printworks GmbH who greatly supported us to make all this possible. We feel FSR is the best place to get the full competition we are looking for and we are looking forward to the first race in Bahrain which will be a special moment for the team."

    The team brings 2 drivers to FSR who never competed in FSR yet but are well known not only in their home countrie's simracing scene: Morten Nomme, 18 from Estonia and Ivar Kalamees, 14 from Estonia.
    Morten Nomme commented: "Big thanks to the team that gave me the opportunity to participate in the FSR league, will do my best to win everything possible".


    TEAM printWORKS

    #22 Morten Nomme (18, Estonia)
    #23 Ivar Kalamees (14, Estonia)

    TEAM printWORKS 2

    #24 Philipp Umminger (25, Germany)
    #25 Andreas Umminger (25, Germany)

    Test driver: Pascal Ilg (22, Germany)

    Official Launch Video of TEAM printWORKS:

    Renders, done by




    Download high Quality Renders of TEAM printWORKS here:

  2. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns

    Another very impressive team presentation!
  3. Muhammed Patel

    Muhammed Patel

    Good luck guys :)
    Love the last picture :p
  4. Philipp Umminger

    Philipp Umminger

    let´s rock :)
  5. Ed Williams

    Ed Williams

    that was a good video the music reminds me of the gran turismo 4 menu music
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