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TDF. file help

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by cmartin, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. cmartin


    im currently making a dirt oval for rfactor. i would like to make 2 or three different equal racing grooves. my idea is to have groove1 inside of the track slick, groove 2 middle intermediate,and groove 3 top of track tacky with plenty of grip to compensate for the longer way around the track.

    the tdf file shows me one value of grip. that i can change. but it effects all aspects of my track

    i have divided my track up in three material types. and that didnt change anything either.

    is this idea possible? and if somone has an answer for me and know how to do it could you please give a screen shot of a multiple groove tdf. thanks for your help
  2. R Soul

    R Soul

    The purpose of the [TRACKVARS] section is to allow multiple materials to use the same values, and you can change the trackvar value without having to update each material.

    After the [TRACKVARS] section there are a number of [FEEDBACK] sections, ending with material names. If it says Dry=RoadDryGrip, it means the game will look for the RoadDryGrip variable in the [TRACKVARS] section. So you need to make two copies of your 'default' material, and for one of them change the Materials= line to something like middlelane and for the other one, change it to outerlane.

    For each copy, change the Dry variable from RoadDryGrip to some number, and if necessary, change other variables.

    Then in XPacker (or BTB's venue materials) make two copies of the current track material, changing the rFactor material name to middlelane and outerlane.
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