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Talent/Driver Info

Jarrod Crossley

Feb 18, 2008
Ever want to have your information attached to your skin, Ever wanted to list your achievements within Race 07.

Ever wanted this:

Well now you can, With a little help:

Naviagte your way to ..Programfiles/Steam/SteamApps/"Username"race 07

Now if you haven't allreay got a "Gamedata" file make one. Once you have made or found your way to the "Gamedata" file open the file and make a new folder and call it "Talent"

Again enter your "Talent" Folder and make a txt. and fill in with the following:

Jarrod Crossley //  Profile Name Here (can Alter)
 //Driver Info
 Abbreviation=J.Crossley // Abbreviation of name (can alter)
 Nationality=British   // (Can Alter)
 NatAbbrev=GB        //(Can Alter)
 DateOfBirth=03.09.1970        //(Can alter)
// Career Highlights (can alter) 
// (Dont alter below unless you know what your doing)
 //Driver Stats
 StartsDry=3                      //Average number of drivers passed during start (-4 - 4)
 StartStalls=0.0                       //% of starts where driver stalled
 QualifyingAbility=5.00          //Average qualifying position NOTE: keep GT between 1 -15
 RaceAbility=0.2                //Range 0 - 6.2 (0 is best)
 RainAbility=1.5                  //Range 0 - 6.2 (0 is best)
 Passing=100.0                     //% of times driver completed a successfull pass, not including pit stops or lapped traffic
 Crash=0                         //% of times driver crashed
 Recovery=100                      //% of times driver continued after a crash

 // Increase attempted low-speed cornering by adding a minimum onto calculated speed.
 // Reduce attempted high-speed cornering by multiplying speed by a number less than 1.0.
 // <adjusted speed> = CorneringAdd + (CorneringMult * <original speed>)

//AI Throttle Control - how good they are at their own traction control upon throttle application
TCGripThreshold=0.7   // Range: 0.0-1.0
TCThrottleFract=1.2   // Range: 0.0-???
TCResponse=0.0        // Range: 0.0-???

//AI skill mistake variables
MinRacingSkill = 1.00
Composure = 0.010

//AI ColdBrain variables

and save the txt file as a RCD file instead and name the same as your profile name (e.g: Jarrod Crossley.RCD)

Now when you go to your skin and click the little Driver info button you'll have a picture like mine.

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