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    I've never really latched onto AMS because the FFB feels rather odd to me. Very jerky and inconsistent. However, i'm constantly hearing people post how great it is. Are my settings below correct for those that use a T500 with this sim?

    T500 Settings:
    Constant = 100
    Periodic =100

    In game:
    Force = 80%
    FFB Low Boost = 40%
    Effects: Pure 360hz or Pure Effects+1 (i go back and forth)
  2. Paddler


    70, 0, 63, 0, 0
    75, 5
    Pure 360
  3. tlsmikey


    Thanks. That's better. It's still a bit light at first and heavy in turns, but it feels better. I'll play with the periodic a bit to see if that changes anything.
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    Bump up the FFB Force in the TM control panel to 90% while setting constant and periodic to 100% (always leave those two at 100% in my opinion). Put TM control panel damper and spring to 0%. Use somewhere between 65 and 80 in-game depending on the car (over 65-80, and I can feel clipping from the games' - not the wheels' - side unless you start messing with each car's realfeel maxforce setting but leave that alone for now and just drive and enjoy the game). This was before AMS had the minimum force setting so I was using 0% by default. Oh, and make sure to go into your particular controller file and set "FFB steer force neutral range" to 0.0.

    To edit your controller file:
    There are different controller files in different folders, some which don't do anything, so follow the below if you aren't sure how to edit your controller file

    - In the following folder, open the Controller.ini file with Wordpad: Documents --> Automobilista --> USERDATA --> [yourplayername]. Edit it, then save it. Then launch the game and don't load any controller files or adjust anything; go directly to the controller settings and save the controller settings.
    - Another method is to go to the Documents --> Automobilista --> USERDATA --> CONTROLLER folder, find the particular controller file you use (you'll see all your saved as well as default controller files), open, edit, and save it in WordPad. Then, launch the game and go directly to the controller settings section, select that same controller file, and click "Load."

    This will make the wheel so much more fun and give way more feel and info (despite what graphs and others say about FFB hardware clipping, linearity, etc.). At least give it a shot. It made a big difference to not only me (T500RS and T300RS) but the two personal friends of mine who simrace (TX).
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