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Support Thread: SimMidi

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by dsl71, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. dsl71


    This shall be the support thread for my program SimMidi.

    What is this?

    SimMidi is a bridge program allowing you the usage of any midi controller as input device in any simulation.

    Two ways are provided to do so:

    • Monitor midi messages and map it to a vJoy device (vJoy)
    • Monitor midi messages and map it to autohotkey script (AHK)
    Following midi messages are monitored and send to, when mapped:

    Pitch bend > - | vJoy Fader
    NoteOn > AHK Button Switch Encoder | vJoy Button Switch Encoder Fader
    Control change > AHK Button Switch Encoder | vJoy Button Switch Encoder Fader

    If there is a AHK and vJoy mapping for the same midi element set, it is first send via AHK and then to vJoy.

    Especially Behringers XTouch Mini controller (XTOUCH) is fully supported with all of its leds and real telemetry status leds for its encoders.


    • 18 + 8 assignable buttons or switches to vJoy virtual gamecontroller and/or AHK. Led status if pressed or switched on.
    • 1 assignable analog fader to vJoy.
    • 8 assignable encoders to vJoy and/or AHK.
    • Real status led updates for the encoders based on the telemetry data recieved for game and car.
    • Support for any connected midi controller.
    • Support for editable config files.
    • No installation of main program needed.
    • Detection of game, track and car, seperate configuration per car.
    • Encoder led templates for brake balance, turbo, engine brake, ABS, traction control, ERS delivery and ERS recovery provided.
    • DRS zone led mode for XTouch.
    • H-Shifter mode for XTouch from 2 to 8 gears and reverse gear.
    • The fader of the XTouch could be used as handbrake.
    • More games telemetry via SimHub.
    • One or more midi controllers, at best Behringer XTouch Mini midi controller.
    • UDP telemetry provider SimHub from Wotever @racedepartment.com for encoder led control installed.
    • Own written plugin for SimHub (sourcecode provided) to provide telemetry data for encoder leds with UDP.
    • vJoy device driver @Github installed. (Minimum with 64 buttons or more configured.)
    • Assetto Corsa installed.
    • A text editor of your choice.

    Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
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  2. asteroulis


    Great , I've been thinking of buying an AKAI APC mini to control my sim with midikey2key or Macro Buttons that comes with Voicemeeter .

    Your solution seems great because it connects to vJoy , giving options. It would be nice to be able to programm other midi controllers concerning lights etc someway . Don't know how difficult it is to be honest if you don't own the hardware to support it.

    Anyway , thanks for the idea , guess will have to wait to get the AKAI APC mini to try it :)
  3. dsl71


    had a look at midikey2key. This seems perfect if you have this train simulator for which he build in a special mode. If you don't play this game, i think the APC mini has a lot of buttons (8x8), Is this not hard to remember what is assigned to which function?

    SimMidi's led part is completely seperated from the basic control. That means, if you e.g set in Akais editor a grid button to toggle or so and map it in SimMidi as a button you will propably have a switch whoes lit when on and dark when off.

    If you don't control any XTouch leds with SimMidi or you have only other controllers you also don't need Udp data and therefore also not SimHub.
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