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EU SuperGT (GT500&GT3) at Night @ Sepang - Fri 19 Feb 2021

Sorry I left the race with about 15 min to go... I was feeling really tired throughout the day and getting worse leading up to the race, but I still felt up for it (working straight night shifts catching up to me lol, or I'm getting old too quick???). As the race went on, I couldn't stop spinning lol. So I called it quits instead of being a liability.

Might try to do x2 soft tires if we try these cars again if I can manage them until the pitstop lol.

Thanks for the racing guys!

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
Thank you @Ole Marius Myrvold for hosting! Your ADHD-esque tendencies intrigue me! :laugh::geek:
(and that's coming from a diagnosed person)

Hah! :) I just like when small details are popping up. I mean, they didn't have to make the scoring pylon at Indianapolis work like it does, even to the point of only showing the number of drivers participating as well! Usually in games they don't work, or you'll always see position 1-33. When we drove there, it was only position-numbers based on how many we actually was on the server. Details like that makes it so much more immersive (the scoring pylon at Sepang didn't work that way. I checked!)
Or the tube men that are moving around on some tracks, like Mills or Portland. Not sure if people have seen it, but near spectator stands you can find tube men.
Or going on the back-straight of Sepang, around halfway there, you are very close to the tight hairpin (on the other side of the wall). During the night you could see the lights from cars braking into, going through, or exiting the hairpin. You could even see the lights light up parts of the track.
I know, totally unnecessary things to look at while I am racing, but it's immersive, it's an attention to detail that I really like.
There are loads of such small things in rFactor 2 that, for me, makes the tracks and racing feel more alive than e.g AC/ACC. I mean, AC/ACC looks great, but it feels too polished, too bland, too sterile in a way. I guess it helps that I look at everything else than the actual track as well :)

Yep McLaren is prob the most stable one of the bunch. If I remember correctly the default setup is also a bit on the understeering side so that might kill your fronts easily. Pretty fun to drive though.
Any idea what we'll be racing next week yet? :D

Guess I'll have to try something else in two weeks time :)
Next week, LMP/DPi and GTE again, what track... You'll see tomorrow ;) In other words. Haven't totally decided yet, but I think I have a pretty good idea.