Petr Kantor

Jul 22, 2008
I was thinking, if there could be a recurring event for real beginners and people who think their driving is generally slow, to have some fierce competition among them (ie us) too, to learn how to overtake and stuff. If I ever manage to qualify in the middle posts, i am losing post after post until all the slower racers drop from the game and faster are way ahead. I have had a race or two, where I felt competitive, made few moves on opponents, but that was barely enough! I wanna race you guys that are on same level as I am! In such events, rookies could polish their racing line too, as I generally feel some of us need to ;-)

Is this description of a now established 'trial races'? I hope their times will be posted in general forums as well so that I can participate.


Jun 22, 2008
The 'Lame Duck League'....yes... good idea, though difficult to implement I guess.

Who would be eligible for racing? (You somehow want to prevent that fast guys are there. But on the other hand, the fast guys can give very helpful advise and but they would not want to spend their time if they can not race and would feel bored when not have competition)

You need to separate those who drive 'aggressive' from those who just dont know better (although I think you recognize them by their attitude afterwards, I have no problem with somebody kicking me out who says sorry afterwards, because then I think he just could not do better).

But I know exactly what you are talking about, I see my Qualy times (or offline) times getting better but gaining positions in race is still a problem. But I think that's just a question of patience and defensive (I hope this means the same in English) behaviour in races. So practice, practice, practice (while hoping that you are not the only lame duck in a race, that's my approach).

Andrew Evans

without doing some kind of pre-qually thing, as done in the leagues, it would be difficult to separate people out...

one of the things i like about rd is that the super fast guys aren't off in a little elite club of their own... everyone gets to hang together as long as they keep it clean and fair...

to be honest you find that in most events the pack splits out into little distinct groups and there's nearly always someone out there around your skill level to do battle with... i know i always find myself amongst the same faces in the bottom half of the field and a nice fight is a nice fight whether its for 1st or for 12th...

Petr Kantor

Jul 22, 2008
Maybe an event marked "Hey, this race is really open for everybody, even the shy, slow and careful drivers, you will have fun, come on in guys!" THis could appeal to some not very frequent racers to try and participate...
Aug 2, 2008
petr ,i think if you want to learn how to be fast,you have to race with fast guys ,it's the better way to have an high level,you have a challenge,if you are last on qualifs,to reduce the time between you and the faster guy on first place,i like to think also,if there's no challenge,there's no fun,just my 2cents

Matthew Parr

May 22, 2008
I agree Sebastion i find it more fun but also more rewarding if you pass someone faster it gives u confidence and also the will power to go and do more!

Lee Downham

Jun 16, 2008
Agreed that racing the fast guys helps improve your own skills ...
Also felt very nervous prior to entering the online events here, but after biting the bullet and doing a few, I have found it to be seriously addictive (much to my wife's dismay :lol:)

As someone else suggested, too many restrictions on races will probably split the forums and people up a bit, and bring with it a bit of elitism, might also mean lower attendances at races ...

BUT ...

To help (us) the slower folk improve and learn our racecraft better, what about weekly mini races?
I have done the last 3 mini endurance races, and they are fantastic fun and great for learning ... because the cars are slower and a bit more forgiving, it gives you more time to think and react.
There is also little difference between the cars, and not so much to set up as with other cars ... so outbraking one another and finding racing lines etc becomes very important to learn in order to become a faster driver.

These mini races could be part of the "initiation races" and help as part of becoming a premium member ... not sure what is already planned there, but looking at the calendars, there seems to be a bunch of holes we could fill??

Faster people can and should attend though, but they should also be prepared to step aside should more places be required for slower / "learner" race drivers (much in the same way the northern hemisphere racers give way to the ones "down under" in the oceana events).
People know themselves if they are quick and experienced enough to drop out to make way for others ...

It should all be pretty self regulating as long as people are respectful and sensible :thumb: