Suggested Rims for iRacing Dirt Oval?


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Apr 28, 2018
Hello RaceDepartment!

Recently I upgraded to a Fanatec Clubsport V2.5 wheelbase with a Formula Carbon wheel, which works great for the cars that I usually race, which are single seaters or sports cars. However, I had a somewhat lengthy chat over iRacing this evening with a fantastic and helpful guy that convinced me to try iRacing’s dirt oval again (Sidenote: This is one of the things I love about simracing – he was in Australia and I’m in the Southeast USA. It’s great that people from around the world take the time to help others with a common love of racing! I hope to share the same insight someday).

While I played around with dirt oval in iRacing a tiny bit previously, it now looks like a lot of fun, as it’s where I started (real) racing many many years ago.

I’m not sure how many here on RaceDepartment race these types of events but even with my limited amount of posts I thought I would ask…Is there a rim that those here of you would recommend for this type of racing that would work with my wheelbase?

Thank you in advance!