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Released Sugarloaf Rally Park 1.0

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Pangaea, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Pangaea


    Sugarloaf Rally Park 1.0


    Well after a long wait here is Sugarloaf Rally Park my 2nd BTB track. A fictional rally park set in the rolling tundra hills of Co. Wicklow Ireland. Cut out of the local limestone rock this track offers a different sort of rally experience. Fictionally this track would be used for general race events, renting, test track, and has been used occasionally as a special stage (using Janus Checkpoints as the grid and a closed hairpin at the service area). This track weaves under and over itself, with dangerous sharp and low traction crests, dips, and rock walls, not to mention very rough track surface in parts. Other features include a big jump (chicken gate not included) and a short underground tunnel section. This track is hard to master, and frustrating yet as with many other RBR tracks a joyful rush of satisfaction when you get it just right. You`ll either hate this or love it. Although Im releasing this as a finished project there are many things I would like to add or improve at some stage in the future, and I also hope to extend this rally park onto a regular rally stage so the park itself will be a part of a much longer track, so im sticking a 1.0 at the end of the track title J

    Track Specifications: Forward and Reverse

    Length : 2.3k
    Surface: 85% Level 3 Gravel – 15% Tarmac
    Pace: Slow
    Hazards: Very low traction crests, Sharp dips, Jump
    Record Time – (Forward) by Jonathan Johansson in 1:49 (Ford Focus WRC 06)
    Record Time – (Reverse) n/a
    Download File Size: 20mb
    Extracted Size: 62mb
    Loading Time: Less then 40 seconds

    Install Note: Download the rar ( rar file is actually a .7z file with renamed extension. For some reason when linking directly to .7z files you get a Unable to Load Page Error) files, then extract into your RBR/RX_CONTENT/Tracks/ folder, if thoses folders don’t exist create them.
    Open up RBR (not rscenter) then goto to Options/Plugins/RBR_RX/Race/




    Created Entirely with Bobs Track Builder apart from the TV Towers, , Tunnel rock entrance and exit, track side billboards, Big Pangaea text, Jump and Flyover hoops (3dsmax). All track & terrain textures prepared using Photoshop. Ukroad xpack used for some texturing and objects including grasses and rocks. Default BTB xpack used for other various elements.
    The track is one track, “no joins or merging” .. the crossover points are made by dropping the “top track” under the “bottom track” then using the wall tool to model bridges, terrain is then manually built up to join top level and bottom level ground together, and more wall tool to model lining for underneath each crossover. Jump platform and gap lining all made with wall tool, Tunnel and entrance lining, and flyover bridge all created using wall tool. I will gladly provide the project file and specially created xpacks for anyone who is interested in seeing how I did this or if they want to edit it and make a different version of their own. Although this track is a little over the top for a rally track (more suited to bikes more then anything) it was an exercise for me to learn how to do various things in BTB, along the way I got more ideas so I decided to make a small track combining everything ive learnt and discovered with BTB. My next track will be a full rally stage, but I already have some ideas for that that ive not seen in RBR before.

    Some general bugs:
    Sometimes you`ll get a Wrong Way prompt, even though your driving perfectly, if you cross the line after this point, the game will not stop.. ull have to go round again or restart the track. Although I suspect this is a problem with the driveline and the fact that the track crosses over and under itself. It happens so randomly Ive not identified where the problem is. Please report if this is happening often.

    [FONT=&quot]Because there are no movable objects available for RBR/BTB you`ll find bumping into tyres and wood fencing often a race ending event. Sorry but ull have to drive nice and tidy on this one. [/FONT]

    SCREENSHOTS (Taken from BTB itself not RBR)

    Start and finish gates into service area.

    Looking out to the service area from Charon Tunnel North. Driving reverse watch the sudden dip into Charon Tunnel.

    Looking out on the the park from Isis Turn. Easy into Scarab Turn, you should be sliding this all the way under the crossover.

    Valley View Hairpin. A challenge in both directions, Forward you`ll need to “Slow, Dip, & Roll” down into this hairpin , In Reverse watch the dip on the inside, coming over the crest make sure your straight.

    The Janus Checkpoints area, used also as the parallel special stage start points (with closed hairpin at the service area), Also a check point on the crossover bridge used for a 3rd checkpoint.

    Richard Burns Hairpin, a lovely slide either way, nice exits.

    Looking up to Pangaea Jump from the valley. You`ll need more or less a flat out to make this jump. Watch the the deceivingly fast approaching corners on either end especially in reverse.

    A view looking onto Ken Block Curve from Janus crossover bridge. This turn is I think the most difficult to master, yet the most satisfying when pulled off. The whole curve is slidable or perhaps a better word would be floatable since you’ve got little or no traction due to the lack of weight and down force.

    A view looking out onto the park from Camel Crests. A tricky series of humps and dips, watch your speed here going forwards. In Reverse you can use the Camel Crest as a jump so you land with a soft bounce just before Sugarloaf View Turn. Too slow and your front end will dip and your front wheels will take it first.

    Looking down into Charon Tunnel North, with the tight Davey Jones Turn in the distance.

    Sorry about the quality, had to record from the tv using a camera. fraps struggles on my pc.



  2. Pangaea


    will do a reverse vid soon
  3. Jonathan Johansson

    Jonathan Johansson

    This track is awesome, very exciting and challenging and special, good work!
  4. Pangaea


    you record time is even more awesome.. im still struggling to get under 2:10 , either way. I suspect I could shave 10 or more seconds off if it wasnt for this xbox360 joypad. I think i would fair better with this:
    ... tho im thinking sugarloaf rally park might also damage this thing.. ;)
  5. Jakub Sulej

    Jakub Sulej

    The stege is like from some arcade game, but is is in RBR, so real physics and arcade stage is nice mixture!
  6. Pangaea


    i played this again for this first time in almost 2 years
    thought it was worth a bump.. :)

    much interested to here folks thoughts... its a compact thing, not to be taken too seriously but, its so much fun and very challenging

    How is everyone anyhoo? long time no see and whatnot
    is btb still at a halt? or any prospects of a update in the future?
    anyway, nice to see the community is still active
    keep up the good work all
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  7. ogierlatvala


    links doesnt work
    post new please?
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