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Mods Subaru Impreza WRC2001-2002 Burns + Solberg + Mäkinen 1.3

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Subaru Impreza WRC02 2002 Solberg + Mäkinen - State Express 555 (Solberg) and classic Subaru (Mäkinen) livery

View attachment 107453 View attachment 107454 View attachment 107455 View attachment 107456 View attachment 107457 View attachment 107458 View attachment 107459 Car: Subaru Impreza WRC02
Type: WRC
Year: 2002 (game model is WRC01-02)
Driver/co-driver: Petter Solberg/Phil Mills + Tommi Mäkinen/Kaj Lindström
Rally: generic
Installation folder:
explicit Solberg \DiRT Rally\cars\models\imp\livery_44\textures_high (replace blue car 8/8)
classic Makinen...
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Hey! Great work but you have messed up Solbergs livery! :) There is a mix of Mäkinens and Solbergs livery. Please check and correct when you have the time to do that! :) :thumbsup:


In game? From what I gather it's impossible. While CM says it's nice that people are creating "mods" for their game, they're not exactly all that accommodating it seems.

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I didn't noticed that. But I don't think there's a solution. It's probably either the subey pig on the mirror in the right position (with the bugged interior, like it is now), or a compromise like a smaller pig and no bug.


Why is my solberg livery mixed up? Its a mix of his and Mäkinens livery. Mäkinens on the side of the car (555) and on the back solbergs (stars)?

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thanks so much for the beautiful skins...
but plz can you have a look at this :O_o:
I found a comprimise. I moved the pig forward so it doesn't show up in the internal view. Damn overlapping mapping... So the pig now it's not where it should be exactly, but at least it works. Expect 1.3 soon. Thanks for reporting again.
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