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    Precision Motorsports continued the victory form from Bahrain by securing wins at Melbourne in Both categories.


    World Series qualifying did not provide miracles for the team, with Cyril Werdmuller qualifying in 4th, whereas Jeffrey Rietveld had to settle for a lowly 7th place. A strong leap in lap 1 saw Rietveld rise into second place, making full use of the chaotic circumstances. Werdmuller had meanwhile established an early lead and was seemingly able to control the gap to Rietveld. After the top two Precision cars had executed their first and only pit stops, the positions remained identical until the end of the race, promoting Werdmuller into his second career win in World Series, followed by Rietveld.

    The result promoted Precision back to first place in the constructors championship and Werdmuller into the lead of the drivers championship, while Rietveld maintains third place.

    In World Championship, Bono Huis was once again in shape in qualifying, putting his car second on the grid next to Twister-Racing's Atze Kerkhof, whereas the rest of the Precision drivers were more down on the grid than usual. The race start saw Huis losing a position to David Greco, but Mikkonen was able to improve two places into fifth. The first stint proved to be frustrating for the team with both Huis and Mikkonen stuck behind slower cars. After a quick pit stop Huis was able to pass Greco into turn 1 after contact between the cars, whereas Mikkonen remained behind Precision loan driver John-Eric Saxén.

    As the race was closing in, an electrical failure of Kerkhof promoted Huis into the lead with 12 laps to go. The Dutch was seemingly able to control the race and was able to cruise to his second victory in as many races, followed by Greco and Nilsson. Mikkonen finished in 5th, closely followed by Puumalainen and Tali.

    The result saw Huis increase his championship gap into 14 points over second-placed Greco, with Mikkonen holding third place. Precision Motorsports remains in constructors championship lead.

    Team manager Ondrej Kuncman commented:
    "Winning also Australia came as a bit of a surprise and indeed it wouldn't be a win in normal conditions. Bono however performed incredibly well in the qualification. P2 was more than we hoped for. We knew our race pace was competitive, but after Greco passed Bono on start there wasn't much we could have done. Jaakko's qualification on the other hand didn't work out this time so it was a tough race for him. Jaakko was stronger than Bono in race this time so it is a shame. Both Cyril and Jeffrey drove flawlessly in WS and scored us first double of the season. All in all it has been a strong weekend with 2 wins, but there are some areas we must improve in."

    Cyril Werdmuller (1st) commented:
    "My Q2 lap wasn't that great but it surprised me as I qualified on p3.
    At the start of the race there was some mega crash which I could avoid. Many car were taken out so after lap 1 I had a nice gap to the guys behind me. The only one infront of me was Stefan Kanitz but after he made a mistake I could gain the lead. From that point it was getting easy and I was able to pull away a bit from my teammate Jeffrey Rietveld.
    I am really happy with my performance today! This is my first win of the year which gives me confidence for a good result in the next race."

    Jeffrey Rietveld (3rd) commented:
    "Yet again I couldn't proove myself in qualifying due to nerves, which had put me into 7th on the grid. My start was quite poor as well, no idea what happened but everyone seemed to be away faster than me.
    There was some contact in turn 1, I slipped through a few cars ahead of me and a few corners later I was in 2nd position. From that point, it was just cruising around to make sure to get championship points, because they are probably needed at the end of season. Thanks to everyone in Precision Motorsports again for the great help. See you in Sepang."

    Bono Huis (1st) commented:
    "Quite a lucky win again but you won't hear me complaining. Qualifying was reasonable, lap was ok, nothing special which gave me P2. I knew that it was really difficult to pass so I wanted to pass Kerkhof in the first corner but I actually lost a place to Greco. I tried everything I could to overtake him but it just was not possible, which meant I had to wait for the pitstop. I was quite surprised to come out infront of Greco because he had just done a lap on new tyres. Fortunately I didn't get any damage from the contact in T1, so I could put some pressure on Kerkhof but like I said it's impossible to overtake. Just when I had given up on the win, I saw Kerkhof disappearing and retiring from the race. Very lucky again and we definitly have to improve, especially in qualifying where Twister seems to be doing a better job."

    Jaakko Mikkonen (3rd) commented:
    "I didn't have good lap at all in Q2 and that was it as basically passing is not possible.I followed another car for 30 laps and then made bad mistake on T3 and Nilsson passed me. I don't really mind that, I deserved it I guess then. I didn't adjust my brake wear to handle following cars for whole race, so I was forced to back off for most of the second stint.I am very disappointed. I think I had pace to win the race."

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    Precision Motorsports Press
    Official Press Release
    written by John-Eric Saxen
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