F1 2019 Strange car performances in career mode

F1 2019 The Game (Codemasters)
Hi, I noticed a strange behavior of the car performances during my careers. I tried to restart from the beginning about 20 times but the same things always happen. When I am in a mid-ranking team (for example Renault, McLaren or Toro Rosso) I'm able to beat always my teammate, but when I increase the car performance during the season, suddently the teammate starts to beat me and other drivers with better cars. So for example I increase the performance of Toro Rosso up to 4th place, and Gasly always goes to the podium, despite 6 cars faster than ours. Another strange thing is that in the second season Ferrari NEVER develops his own car, ending up overtaken by a mid-rank team (usually Racing Point or McLaren), but the strangest thing is that Ferrari drivers (regardless of who they are) always finish 19th and 20th despite Ferrari is the fourth car on the grid. I don't know if there is a bug and how to fix it, I tried also to make a little mod by myself changing VFT files but nothing changes, the game ignores my modifications. Anyone with the same problem?