Stoner Linked to Ducati Test Role

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    Australian former MotoGP rider and two-time champion, Casey Stoner, has been heavily linked towards a return to his former team, Ducati, in a test rider role, where he won the only rider's title in the team's history back in 2007.

    Paolo Ciabatti, Sporting Director for Ducati, said in an interview to Speedweek,
    "Casey Stoner has a contract with Honda as test rider until the end of 2015. There is the possibility that he will be back with Ducati as a test rider, but we need to wait until the end of the year. Casey is a hero for Ducati; he won so many races and the world championship in 2007".​

    As per Ciabatti's quote, Stoner is currently contracted as a test rider for Team Repsol Honda, the outfit in which he won his second MotoGP crown, however the relationship between the parties has turned somewhat sour. Rumors of this rift begun around the Qatar GP, where the Aussie offered to replace Dani Pedrosa in the Austin and Argentinian GPs when the Spaniard had to go into surgery, only to see his request denied followed by news that Japanese rider Hiroshi Aoyama would replace Pedrosa.

    Another reason for the rift between Stoner and Honda is that the team engineers supposedly ignored the feedback given by the Australian rider, especially when Stoner complained about the aggressiveness of the RC213V motor, which played a pivotal role in both Pedrosa's and Marc Marquez's season.

    Davide Tardozzi, Ducati MotoGP Team Manager, said,
    “Casey is very important for Ducati and all its supporters. After he had some issues with Honda, we started talking and it would be great to have him back as test rider. A return as a full time racer is excluded. It’s clear that he put the quality of his life on top of the list and in fact now he is fishing somewhere. But he represents a lot for Ducati.”​

    Would you like to see the Aussie back to Ducati, even for test riding? How beneficial could this possible return be for the Italian factory team? Let us know in the comment section below!
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  2. Aidan Keranen

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    Well if Stoner has told Honda there was something not right, maybe they really should have listened. I mean, it's not like he's a two time world champion and probably knows what he's talking about.
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  3. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened

    Fire Pedrosa
    Hire Stoner so we can really see how good Marquez is
  4. Travis


    If anyone can wrestle the ducati into shape, Stoner can.

    After HRC ignored Stoner's advice, an issue that pre-dates the Doohan dominance era, I can see why a return to Ducati would be attractive.

    The HRC Suzuka 8 Hour entry fly-by-wire CBR1000RR nearly killed Casey too..

    All in all, Honda engineers have a long history of not listening and it cost both Marc and Dani any chance at a third world title in 3 years!
  5. Benutzername

    I breathe a lot. I guess i just really like air.

    Would love to see Stoner back in the championship instead of a test driver

    Lorenzo, Rossi, Marquez, Pedrosa, Stoner... For Yamaha, Honda and Ducati. Sounds great
    And maybe Suzuki can make a step forward
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  6. Stetz


    Casey also expressed interest in racing at COTA while Pedrosa was recovering from arm pump surgery, Honda kinda blew it off. Now it seems Ducati have their hands on the last guy who could somehow handle a Ducati GP bike into a championship in 2007.

    Nicky Hayden couldn't understand how Stoner was so fast on the Ducati, after he moved to the team. Perhaps Stoner's style doesn't quite match up with everyone else, maybe that won't translate into being a good tester? Either way its great to see his name associated with bike racing.
  7. the_sigman


    Ι read Stoner's autobiography (great book) and he wrote that at the end at his stint there he was not really comfortable in the team. According to him, after the 2007 success they were not really trying to improve the bike and he was angry with them. Then there was some tension, after Stoner skipped some races in 2009 following a health issue (Ducati didn't believe him and they thought he only wanted to not turn up in races) and his connections with the Ducati guys were not good.

    Maybe things have changed, but I don't see that happening any time soon.
  8. InsaneOzzie


    I think Casey is quite happy fishing, and should stay there, IMO he owes nothing to Ducati or Honda
    if anything they owe him.
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