Stock Car Extreme Gamepad Deadzone Tip

Hi :) ,

Since i lost quite a lot of time with correct deadzone with no luck in forums or internet search i found a solution to make it finally work, i want to share how i managed to make it work so u do not loose any time .

After you set up all your personal preferences rates etc. u need to add a deadzone for steering since u want the car to go straight and no gamepad is perfect.

If u noticed u set up deadzone to X-, X+ to lets 15% and save it , it will make no change u still get deadzone 0%.

After u saved your setup which u named xxx.ini it will be saved in your game in your game profile name directory (x:/steam/common/stockcarextreme/.../"yourname"

Edit your xxx.ini file and you will see that there are 3 axes for X-,X+ (axe 1, axe 2, axe 3).In my case the left stick if use for steering left right is assign to axe 2 X-, X+ but the game will only save my deadzone setting to axe 1 X-, X+ . So just edited the axe 2 X-, X+ manually save it and now in game deadzone work perfect.

I now there must be a better way to explain this shorter but since English not my native language it had to be a long explanation. Hope it help's you

Cheers ;)
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