Still no access to X2014 Standard after 01/01/2014

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by ChamptecRacing, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. ChamptecRacing


    I'm kinda stunned.... we have this beautiful new add to the game (on PS3 at least), with this Red Bull competition.

    I won all races gold in karting and the X2014 Junior catagory. Now the X2014 Standard competition is locked and when i wanna open it it says it starts on January 1st 2014. It's January 7th and it is still not unlocked. Does anyone know why?

    I lock in to PSN every time... so that wouldn't be the problem i guess... anyone knows more ???
  2. April Dillon

    April Dillon

    You're not the only one-- I assume PD are working on bug fixes which they want to finish for the update that unlocks it?

    I remember in the GT6 demo, some people turned their console's clock forward to access the new content early. I guess they want to unlock them through updates so that isn't possible. But I'm not sure-- Just making up things I think sound true :p
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  3. Richard Coleman

    Richard Coleman

    Patience is a virtue that some people like me sorely lack :D
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