Steering wheel settings, please help

Hi guys, I bought an old Logitech Momo Racing just because I don't like to turn my wheel too much, so those 270 degrees are usually more than enough for me except.. in this game!
I was wondering why would those 270 degrees would make the steering here so extra sensitive compared to other games and what would be a solution for this.

I can fix it by either click on the arrow next to the steering setting and set that to 50% but that would also limit the turning degrees of my cars to 50% so I won't be able to take the turns properly


Increase the steer linearity to 1.9 to make the wheel less sensitive when centered while increasing its sensitivity the more I steer.

I don't even know what option is worse but still, why is this the first game where low turning degrees are a real problem and how do other games handle it ?
Do you have a black or a red Momo? The red one has 270°, the black one 240°.

With 240°, the steering sensitivity is not a problem for me in ACC. What other games do you play with your wheel?