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Steering wheel lock update?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by bunK, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. bunK


    As it is currently, you have to adjust your wheel rotation in your wheel software based on which car you want to drive. I remember reading that this issue would get patched so that we could leave our wheel at 900 rotation and the sim would automagically adjust per car, just like other games such as AC/iRacing/RF2 and even project cars do. Is this still being worked on? There have been a couple patches now(with some awesome fixes and new content!) but having to adjust steering lock/wheel rotation for every car is pretty tedious.
  2. Wedsley Dias

    Wedsley Dias

    Tedious can be relative. If you are a casual player and exchange cars every 5 minutes, I agree. Overall there is already recommendations that adds most cars, for example:
    Camaro, Opala and Mini: 900deg wheel rotation, 15: 1 ratio, 30 lock
    Marcas and the Stock V8s: 540deg wheel rotation, 15: 1 ratio, 18 lock
    Formula Cars, MR18: 540deg wheel rotation, 13: 1 ratio, 21 lock
    Karts: 180deg wheel rotation, 6: 1 ratio, 16 lock

    If you are a Logitech user, you can do this in-game through some hotkeys, more details here:

    In time, I believe that the guys from Reiza are looking for a solution.

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