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steering setting issues

I am having a lot of problems setting up the game to have one to one steering with my DFGT. I'm not sure if their is a way to do it similar to Assetto Corsa but I can't find a way to get it right as all the cars seem to have completely different steering angles.
An example would be the Carlsson hill climb car when I have the steering wheel turned 90 degrees it would be about 270-280 in game. I have the game set for 900 degrees of rotation and also in the profiler.

I have attached the .rcs file(no idea if it would be helpful)


  • Logitech Driving Force GT Custom 1_unique.rcs
    16.7 KB · Views: 246
The game has an automatic wheel range setup you can find in the car setup before any session.
Under the menu "direction ..." you'll find to value: wheel range and steering lock.
This value will change automaticaly in regards of the car you choose.
i.e. ADAC cars will have 540 wheel range and 24 steering lock. DTM 92 use 900/30, etc

This are the recommended value for each type of cars, but you can tweak them to match your preferences.

So: you leave the wheel driver to the max it can (900°, etc) and check the wheel range in car setup if you want to tweak it.

PS: If you use the virtual wheel to see how it works don't forget to deactivate the "virtual driver arms" in game settings, otherwise the virtual wheel don't go further than 90° right/left.