Star-T Beach

Price: 14.600 US$
This car is basically for mixed use. Pickup, hatchback and off-road on the same platform. Therefore the price a little more expensive. In the mechanical part was made from a partnership with BPM. Hope you like it, I struggled the most. ; D Have fun . Press thanks if you liked and post your opinion about the car.Can be good or bad. Don't matter.
It's yours.



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Hmm, I like it, but I just feel that too much of it is borrowed from other cars :/ I think you should do a better version in the future, your own engine/physics, interior and gauges etc.

I like the idea of it and I like the looks too :)
Lend mechanical parts is cheaper than make new parts. ;D This affects the car price on the final stages. Thanks very much AMGfan, who helped me in this part. This joint-venture will make good fruits. =D
Pretty interesting car. I don't really see how it's off road though. It's FWD after all.
It's false off-road. Try on broussailes and you will see why.


The Model is beautiful.

The .ini is a bit unrealistic. It doesn't have hardly any body roll, and doing a quick skidpad it pulls 1.07g. The Cascada L pulls a grippy (but realistic) 0.84g. The Xplora is a bit too grippy too; 0.95g. (Sorry, Harey, haven't tested your car yet)
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