Sell Sparco F10-A Simple Comfortable Formula Steering Wheel


Jun 6, 2017
For sale:

What you get:
- Sparco F10-A
- Fanatec Podium shifters (position of the modules can be changed on the wheel, how they are mounted now is the most comfortable for me)
- Detachable high quality coiled usb cable
- Steel inserts to connect a QR.
- Wheel is built for 50.8 mm interaxis mounting pattern

Asking price 550 euros.
Q1R optional (+75 euros)

Note about the fanatec shifters:
You can use the 4 paddles and clutches in game.
To set the bite point of the clutch: access the menu by holding the top two padlles for 2sec, then you can use those paddles to adjust bite point, when youre done hold them again for 2sec.

More Pics:
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