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Jan 20, 2015
I love the game and enjoy the graphics and physics among other things but something is really lacking. It's the sounds of the cars. For some reason they sound "generic" as if a whole lot of work went into the game but they skimped on the sound effects.

I'm using a rig with onboard audio (realtek) and headphones. Good quality headphones so I can't quite pinpoint the problem. If there were a graphic equalizer in the game I could probably adjust it to my liking but for now the highs aren't high enough and the low rumbling of the engines are not there.

Is there anything I can do to help via adjustments or anything really. I would just like to have the sound effects up to par.

Edit: Just listened to the sound effect mod for the BMW GT2 on youtube and the highs and lows are there. Just not in the game. :(
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Aug 2, 2010
I think AC sounds quite good. The only game I can think of that sounds better is R3E.


Oct 5, 2009
I think the replays sound quite decent in AC but, some of the interior sounds lack proper dynamics and depth. The implementation of proper drive-train elasticity would go a long way to improving the transmission sounds inside the cars. The best original-content car sounds are the 458 GT2 and the Z4 GT cars IMO. Beyond that - I prefer to use Fonsecker's sound mods where possible.

There are still some limitations in regards to the overall sound dynamics and details that are not right; things like backfires, that don't seem to trigger properly and need more variation in tone and duration to be convincing. These may come in time, maybe from the dev's or from modders but, there is still some room for improvement in fMod implementation IMO.