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Soul destroying bug!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by w1y, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. w1y


    Ok so here's my story.Was racing Malaysia online in an endurance race. I was forth entering the pit stop stage. As everyone pitted I decided to stay out an extra lap. Once I came out after my pitstop it still said I was first. I had a flawless remainder of the race and the time's were telling me the guy behind was 15 sec's behind. I'd assumed he had had an accident on HIs outlap while I pitted.Got to the last straigt and all of a sudden I say someone take the chequered flag and my position suddenly changed to third. Wtf!
  2. Miguel Gonzalez

    Miguel Gonzalez

    I've had that happen in sprint quickmatches. I chalk it up to connectivity. Sometimes the other ppl are actually way faster than you and you wont see them on track at all untill its too late and they take the flag.
  3. John Robertson

    John Robertson

    oh ouch, yea that sucks.

    all sorts of ridiculous things can happen online...in ANY game

    although CM takes the cake with game breaking online bugs as far as I'm concerned. Lag issues are horrendous and the safety car online is borderline comedic as long as you're not the one in 1st place getting penalties and DSQ's
  4. norcal21


    some similar happen to me and a friend in coop we were not first but we ran 13th and 14th on a 100% race and when we finished it told us we are 23rd and 24th and the guy directly behind us was 1st, and we were also in qual on the second race in the season and my friend was 1st and i 4th then when we got set on the grid i was 12th and he 16th. im not a"pro" but i worked to keep what positions i had and it just took them.

    really hope this gets fixed or if anyone finds a fix please let us know.