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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Tacoscent, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Tacoscent


    Okay, so far I have some questions because I am very annoyed at the game right now. It feels like everything is so unbalanced it really erks me.

    Question 1: New Team in Career Mode.

    I pick Mclaren instead of Lotus for my new team, this is because on certain tracks, the AI would just EAT me. It was on BUDAPEST. No matter what I did to the LOTUS I had, almost every top teir car would blow by me on the straight parts of the track. As if their car somehow was attached to a slingshot, if a car was in front of me, they would literally gain like 3 seconds on me on Budapests main straight.

    I figured getting into a better car than the LOTUS would help. So I picked Mclaren for next season.. WRONGGGGGGG!!!! This car is worse than the Lotus. It has no developments, I can't even pick my throttle setting. So basically, its like starting all over and picking VIRGIN, which is easily the worst team.

    Whats the point of being able to pick new teams, if all the cars are the same, when they are not supposed to be?

    Question 2: Can never get a good start.

    I figured it was because I was in the lotus. I qualified second in the Mclaren on Sakhir, and low and behold, race starts, and 4 cars are ahead of me in less than 5 seconds. Doesnt matter where I set my Traction control, where I shift, what rpm I launch with, all their cars have nitrous oxide off the starting line.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Question 3: Is there a mod that adresses these issues?

    Some of you must understand why I am upset? The Mclaren is worst than the Lotus, the AI is Godly fast on some tracks, unfairly so even when I drive perfect. And apparently I can't even launch the car ahead of anybody elses no matter what I do.

    /rant over

    Extra Info: I am racing on the PC. I use the 1.01 Patch. The only mod I use is the save fix.
  2. Josh Barton

    Josh Barton

    1) if you are using fuel simulation, there is a known bug where AI cars are not affected by it. because they will have less weight than you, they will blow you away on the straights. there are mods (such as true AI mod from this website) that adress this, or simply turn it off. i find with it off, in a mclaren, i have no problem on the straights, as long as i get a good exit onto the straight, as the AI is very good at this. however, even if its still bothering you, try to get them in the corners, the AI is generally pretty slow through them even on expert

    2) hmm not sure on this one, once again the true AI mod fiddled with the starts, so you can try that. i find that my starts are usually appropriate for the car im in with this mod. i cant help you much though, cause im a terrible starter myself and frequently wheelspin everywhere lol

    3) the AI is definetly uneven (take catalyuna for example) again there are mods that fix this. though as a whole, without mods, even on the strongest difficulties if you drive perfect you will win most races by a BIG margin. try some balancing mods from this site, theres even mods that let you tune the speed of the AI corner by corner on a track. Or, if you are struggling, turn the difficulty down. Like i said, without mods on most tracks the game is not much of a challenge with a lot of practice. though, you shouldnt expect to be winning races in a lotus when in real life you should be scrapping at the back of the field. but yeah, if you arent up there in a mclaren, turn the difficulty down or practice more (though catalyuna is the exception, its a bit too hard there lol)
  3. Steve Stoop

    Steve Stoop

    1) The Mclaren is miles faster than the virgin/HRT/Lotus, not sure what makes you think all cars are the same. Every new season you'll have to do R&d in practice to get access to throttle map settings so Mclaren surely get it early on in the season

    2) starts vs ai are tricky indeed, I also always lose spots, then again without an ai mod installed you should quite easily make up those spots again into turn one. The ai mod (read below) has adressed that fairly well so you don't get left for dead at the start but it will also be harder to repass in T1..

    3) I use the 'Ai toolkit' and find it makes the ai much more competitive and more importantly, much less retarded. However if you're already struggling now I doubt it's an ai mod you're looking for as they just make it harder to finish well. Ai is indeed inconsistent over tracks, on Spain and Budapest they are retardedly fast, but on most others they are silly slow, the ai mod does a great job fixing this inconsistency.

    Lastly, Why are you using the save fix when you have 0 mods installed lol, that 'fix' actually only allows you to save with mods installed, it does nothing to prevent the regular 'corrupt save game' issue.
  4. Gareth Jones

    Gareth Jones

    I'm with Mclaren at the moment and am finding that it's way better and faster than the Sauber I had in the previous season, don't know what the trouble is with your game. The starts are reasonable, I don't lose any more than one place normally, it's funny that you say they are on nitrous oxide off the line!

    What sort of difficulty settings are you playing on?

    I know this isn't a very helpful post, but I think you are wrong about the Mclaren being worse than a Lotus.
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