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So who are the real life racers here?


Jul 12, 2009
.... and what vehicles and how fast?

I'm not a racer but I wish I was, I have a strong yearning for speed. I've had some track time but only on promotional days and/or when I've paid for it.

On a Mazda6 launch promotion day at Wesbank Raceway here in Johannesburg SA, I drove the Mazda6 2.0l and 2.3l and their equivalent BMW's, Audi's and Mercs. All standard cars but loads of fun. Totally convinced of the best of the bunch, I bought a Mazda6 2.3l, Beautiful car but not very fast.

My most exciting track day was spending a morning driving a race ready Challenge Series, Ferrari F360 Modena around Swartkops Raceway near Pretoria SA. It's a day that will live with me forever. Tight track though so I never exceeded 200 km/h.

Here's me ready to launch:

and out on the track:

A short vid of me showing off in front of my kids: (hope link works)

Only other supercar I've driven was when I conned a test drive in a Lambo Miura S, pretending to be a buyer. Owner was sitting next to me so I never really got to unleash the horses.

Fastest I've been on 4 wheels was 220km/h in my homebuilt V8 Ford Cortina and about the same speed on 2 wheels on a Suzuki 1100.

Fastest I've ever had my body moving was Mach 0.95 at the controls of a Hawker Hunter jet fighter. Bit off topic, but hey, it's got wheels too.

Walking out to the plane, love this pic, so Top Gun'ish:

In the cockpit (almost wetting my pants):


Jul 12, 2009
Mmmmm.... none it looks like, everybody here exclusively a desktop speed king?

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
No there are some real life drivers amoung the members of this forum:
  • Daniel Juncadella - Euro Formula BMW
  • Ludwig Ghidi - Formula Renault
  • Marin Colak - World Touring Car Championship
Probably a lot more that i've forgot, sorry

David Buxton

Jul 12, 2008
How could you forget about me? :weep:

Rickard Javanainen - Junior Touring Car Championship

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
Another one:

Richard Trange - Junior Touring Car Championship

Robert Wiesenmüller

RaceRoom eMotorsports Manager
Jan 4, 2007
Some drivers that drove here a long time ago:

Jocke Mangs - Porsche Carrera Cup Sweden / Mini Challenge
Ben Spouse - Mini Challenge

I don't know if they're still active in simracing though. Apart from them, I know Kasper Jensen (danish touringcars) and Marc Hennerici (ADAC GT-Masters / ex WTCC-Independent champion) are also simracing.

Wido Rossen

Who whas the guy that drove in a skoda or dacia like car ?
Even hat a video posted in the forum.

Cant get his name to popup.

Wido Rossen

Does not ring a bell....but could be.
A thought that the video whas from a race on the short Oshersleben track.
And his car whas mainly white.
Thats all i remember.
Aug 26, 2008
Some more

  • Sean Edwards - FIA GT3 2006 Champion
  • Thor Qualmann - Volkswagen Polo Cup
  • Toby Newton - Ginetta G50 Championship
  • Tristan Bayless - Porsche Race Driver

Daniel, Thor, Tristan & Toby are on our team DHR GP, I'll get some more of them to join here soon :)

Some more here about to.

Ben Tusting

Mar 5, 2008
Is Sean Edwards the person who one a Porsche race @ Silverstone in the wet? (They support the F1)


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