smaa injection

Jan 1, 2015
hello. has anyone been successful with injecting smaa into AC? when i toss the dx11 files into the steamapps/common/assettocorsa dir, the game crashes at launch. i'd like to use in in concert with the game's msaa.

if not, is there a config file that sets the level of fxaa used?

Bernd Graf

Nov 30, 2013
I tried when I upgraded my GPU to an MSI R9 270. Didn't really feel it was worth it, the performance hit (albeit that my system is an upper mid-grade one) was much heavier than what I felt was graphically improved by SMAA. If sharper lines is what you want, I'd nix FxAA and use a mod called "SweetFX" which enhances the game's stock settings.

I would avoid using FxAA since it gives all edges and lines a strange appearance when used with the post-processing effects.

You can find and download SweetFX here on Kunos' official support page:

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