Slow AI in Qualifying at Some Tracks

I've been noticing something odd during my first season with the 2014 V8s. At some tracks the AI is unusually slow in qualifying. For example, at Goiania the AI was putting in mid-1:25's in practice and I was having a great time trying to match them as I got used to the track. After advancing to qualifying, I continued to put down 1:25's but the AI was up in the mid-1:26's so I got pole with no competition. In the race the front AI cars put in mid-1:25 laps again. The same thing happened at Brasilia.

My AI settings are 100% speed and 25% aggression. I've tested it in both single race and championship mode and I'm seeing the same thing. Can anyone else reproduce this?

Edit: I did some more testing and it looks like it's actually at all tracks. Race and practice times are typically 1 second faster than qual times.
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you need to edit AIW Example (C:\Program Files (x86)\Game Stock Car Extreme 2013\GameData\Locations\Interlagos\InterlagosGP\InterlagosGP.aiw)

add this line RaceQualRatio=1.000

increase this value for more faster AI on qualy

1.000 is standard
1.002 is more faster, 03, 04, 05

Thanks. I also found this from the latest release notes:
Fixed bug with AI performance discrepancy from quali to race (RaceQualRatio=XX parameter now works in AIW files, lower than 1.0 value will result in slower qual times relative to race, higher values will do the opposite. By default AI should be about 2% faster in quali; remains an issue with AI being too quick in practice sessions)
So I guess I need to forget about the practice times and just tweak RaceQualRatio if necessary.