Sleeping is Hard!

Omer Said

Oct 28, 2008
I really miss some relaxing and comfortable sleeping for a long time. Whenever i go to bed, i can't sleep for 1-2 hours. Turning left, turning right! Everything in that day or will happen next day comes to my mind. I can't stop myself thinking or dreaming.

Do you have the same problem or you have a nice solution ? :wink:

Some doctors say spending too much hours ahead of the PC causes this. I don't know...:confused:

Rhys Gardiner

Jul 8, 2008
I used to have the same problem, in a way. I would go to bed, and toss and turn for up to three hours before I got to sleep. Some nights, I wouldn't get to sleep at all... :/

That was a few months ago, when my stress levels were at their highest. The problem seems to have gone now, but I am still a light sleeper, going to bed late and waking up late.

I have read of a method that hasn't worked for me all the time, but it might for you: Lie on your back, then starting from your toes upwards, relax one muscle at a time.
Alternatively, my Father has told me to lay my finger and thumb across the bridge of my nose (as if I'm about to pinch it), and think of a happy place, like a field or a garden.
I've found that massaging my forehead and temples and the base of my jaw helps me to relax as well. :)

Resi Respati

Oct 23, 2008
I always wander around the bed for 30minutes before I went to sleep.

Strangely enough, even if I went to bed late, I always wake up early. Too much light coming in from the window disturbs me, I think.

Ross Balfour

#99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs
Feb 25, 2008
I only go to bed when I am about to fall asleep. Though I usually dont have that problem, but sometimes my parents tell me to go to bed at a certain time :( but only if Im in the middle of exams or something important is tomorrow. Then I toss and turn or listen to music untill I am actually tired! Or just randomly I wake up and my brain is in hypermode thinking of loads of different things. It is annoying sometimes sleeping, but I love lying in till the the after oon, its a great feeling!
Jun 10, 2008
Each time i play too late on my pc, like after a league event, i have some problems to sleep. You can try a cure of magnesium (it help to calm nerves).

Rhys Gardiner

Jul 8, 2008
Yeah, my Mum keeps telling me that if I want to sleep better, I shouldn't spend so much time on the PC. :tongue: It has something to do with your mind being too stimulated. The right thing to do would be to leave the PC alone for a few hours until you hop into bed... but we're all computer junkies, so that ain't gonna happen. XD

April Dillon

Dec 11, 2009
Welcome to my world, mate, I've lived my entire life with hideous sleeping problems. I've got Asperger Syndrome which, amongst other things, means my brain's always doing something, and never stops. I can't relax, I can't take it easy, because I'm always thinking about something. It can get to the point where I'm so tired I feel nausious, and I still can't sleep.

I'm gonna share one of the things I've been told recently though, since it may help you. If you can program your brain to associate certain things with sleep, then that should help you. It's no overnight solution though. But for example, if you were to force yourself to sleep in a pitch black room, and have it lit the rest of the time, then your body should associate darkness with sleep after some time. And so to carry on sleeping well, you just need to turn the lights off before you go to bed. You could associate anything with getting to sleep, maybe a particular song or item of clothing. It's not a quick solution, but it's worth a shot.