Skins [Skinpack] Abarth 500/s1 (29 skin) [Deleted]

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if you use mediafire or similar you will get more hits.
Nobody wants to have to install crap to be able to then get a download.
Looks suspect, to say the least which is a pity because some of the skins look quite nice.

Graham Laing

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Glasgow, Scotland
Mod removed.

1/ Please don't circumvent our download system. Mods must be uploaded to RD via the resource centre. Don't post external links, and don't add a text file (as the mod), with the text file just containing an external download link for the mod

2/ The 'Castrol' skin in this pack belongs to @zelimper and he does not give you permission to use his skin in this pack. So even if was uploaded correctly (see point 1/), the 'Castrol' skin would have to be removed from the pack.

Thanks :)
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