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    When skinning a car for Game Stockcar, you need to paint a flat file. Save as DDS file with a plugin, copy to your gamefolder, set a config file to show the skin ingame, open the game and select your car.

    Me as a (Web)designer would love to see my 3D render on my website.

    Is it possible for Reiza studio to build a skin previewer that just imports your car + skin without having to start the game.

    • I would love to see a feature the move the angle of the camera.
    • Export a screengrab as transparant PNG so we can design a background and use on our website.
    (I know a skins comes with a 3D max file, but I just don't have 3D max or know how to work with it)

    If transparant, we designers can design a background and have an images like this:


    Or like this website of the Mini Cooper WRC:
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