Skin : dirty window howto request

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    [SOLVED]Skin : dirty windows howto request

    Today i've search how to do a dirty window for my skin like for example "Officer ProGP" in the game. I like this effect, very immerssive for me.

    I've load the and after compare it with my window file i've not found something on alpha channel about the dirt...

    So after searching a little more i've select 3D preview from nvidia dds plugin on photoshop and see that this dirty effect should be related to DXT1a format.:

    Officer ProGP:

    my template:

    but how to change the DXT1a from my template ?

    I **think** official window are saved in dxt1a and that why i need to use "full" in "player detail" option to avoid stripped black line effect.

    maybe i'm totally wrong and it's only a calc ?

    thanks for help.

    EDIT : solved with some grey spray on alpha channel