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F1's track sponsors this year was Emirates FLY BETTER, Heineken (Expect non-alcoholic Countries), Liqui Moly (started from Bahrain GP) and more. But what if.... every 70/80/90's F1 track have 2019 sponsors?

Buenos Aires 1995: Emirates FLY BETTER, Pepsi Sakura (fantasy sponsor), Liqui Moly, F1 E-Sports series and Rolex
Imola 1994: Emirates FLY BETTER, Senna/Ratzenberger tribute, Liqui Moly, Heineken 0.0, F1 2019 Legends Edition and DHL
Nürburgring 1999: Emirates FLY BETTER, Liqui Moly, Pirelli / P-ZERO, Rolex and Heineken
Adelaide 1995: Emirates FLY BETTER, Liqui Moly, F1 NEXT GEN Championship by Aeterno (fantasy sponsor), Heineken and the Adelaide board from 1995
Jerez 1990: Emirates FLY BETTER, Liqui Moly, Heineken 0.0, Toei Animation (fantasy sponsor), Pirelli and Rolex
Detroit 1987: Emirates FLY BETTER, Liqui Moly, F1 Experiences, F1 E-Sports Series, Rolex and Johnnie Walker
Estoril 1993: Emirates FLY BETTER, Liqui Moly, Santander (2018 logo/fantasy sponsor), F1 2019 Legends Edition, Heineken 0.0 and Rolex
Anderstorp 1977: Emirates FLY BETTER, Liqui Moly and Rolex
Kyalami 1992: Emirates FLY BETTER, Liqui Moly, Rolex, Heineken 0.0, Pirelli and F1 2019 Anniversary edition
Okayama 1994: Emirates FLY BETTER, Liqui Moly, SAO PS4 board (fantasy sponsor), Heineken 0.0, Rolex and F1 E-Sports series
Magny Cours 1999: Emirates FLY BETTER, Liqui Moly, Pirelli Color Edition, DHL, Rolex and F1 E-Sports series
Sepang 1999: Petronas, Emirates FLY BETTER, Liqui Moly, Heineken, Pirelli, DHL and Rolex
Zandvoort 1985: Heineken (2020 sponsor), Emirates FLY BETTER, Liqui Moly, Pirelli, DHL, Rolex and F1 2020 game

Here is the pictures of the fantasy boards:

Okayama (SAO PS4):

Buenos Aires (Pepsi Sakura):

Adelaide (F1 NextGen Championship):

Jerez (Toei Animation):


Estoril (Santander):

Thanks for your reply's, i could look at doing some updated boards for 2019 GP tracks, but im not the man to do Anime-Fantasy boards, i prefer the more traditional style , just my personal taste.

Also although these billboards are straight forward to skin, its not always just that easy, getting them to fit correctly and making them the right colors is a challenge and time consuming , for instant these billboards i originally did using a reflective backing it looked cool under headlights, but all the boards were stretched at the ends to fit (way their made by track author) and made an unsightly blemish at the ends of the signs. And also there are so many duplicate signs used over on the one tracks which leaves little opportunity to get good variety.

Im seriously thinking about stepping into the track making realm (maybe a remake of a simple track like Symmons Plains Raceway.) where i can make things the way i want, which is high level of detail.
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